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Feb 13, 2006 09:43 PM


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Is there a place in Toronto that has a menu of of about 20+ flavours of wings (albeit they are usually variations of each flavour).

I remember going to this place in Richmond Hill where they apparently have over 50 flavours of wings but I have forgotten the name.


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  1. all star wings .. 16th & woodbine ..

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    1. re: moo

      They got a new location at Yonge and Elgin Mills too.

      1. re: Goober

        There's a new place in Etobicoke on Islington about one block north of the Queensway...can't remember the name...used to be a McDees...lots of choice but I haven't been so can't say if any good.

        1. re: Beermonger

          That place is called Wing Emporium. I got THE ABSOLUTE WORST service. The servers were incompetent and I am not exaggerating whatsoever. When it takes 10 minutes for them to acknowledge beer & shattered glass on the floor because they're too busy socializing with each other.... you know that something's wrong.

          besides that, the wings were good. it's a pity because the service really turned me off from this place. Oh well, it's not as good as All STar Wings anyway.

          1. re: V

            Went to Wingporium on Islington last night. Tried the "hot garlic parmesan", "simply hot", and "hot and honey garlic" (medium) wings (you can only order more than one flavour if you spring for 5 pounds of wings; yes, you heard me correctly! What is the point of offering 40 flavours?) So, the 5 pounds were evenly distributed into 3 baskets. Each basket came with 3 carrot and celery sticks and a tub of so-so blue cheese dip. $40 later (that's without buying any drinks whatsoever), we walked out with our leftovers in hand, a lot wiser. The place was mostly empty, but it took well over 30 minutes for our wings to be served and they arrived less than piping hot. At best, I can say the wings were average and generally less spicy than you would expect. At worst, the parmesan was low quality, the simply hot were simply not (I wanted them saucy but they came "dry"), the breading uninspired, and the bathrooms ugly and industrial.

          2. re: Beermonger

            The place you are talking about is called Wingemporium. IT HAS TO BE ABSOULTLY THE WORST WINGS IN TOWN. No flavor and over cooked. I would advoid this place at all possible.

            There is a little place that just recently opened on Kipling just south of Horner Ave callled The Hardy Skellet. Tha hae a variety of different wing flavors and they are not too bad. Worth a try.

      2. There's a new place in Oak Riges called Wild Wing. They have over 50 flavours and they are really good!

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        1. re: KarenK

          Address/directions please. Thanks.

          1. re: Goober

            The address is 13130 Yonge. It's just north of King Rd.

          2. re: KarenK

            Is this the same Wild Wing in Greektown?

          3. Here's a link for Canadian "wing" joints from coast-to-coast


            1. ALLSTARS

              They have a variety of flavors and also ranging from least to most spicy. I heard that you need to sign a waiver for the most spicy. Very few people can finish the whole bucket. If you do, they take your picture and put it on their wall (not a lot of people). I think it's somewhere in Richmond Hill.

              1. i loved WINGPORIUM when i went wings were big meaty and saucy. reasonably priced, nice atmosphere, and freindly staff.
                i recomend it.