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Feb 13, 2006 03:37 PM

new to Lakeshore and Parklawn area

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i've recently moved to the lakeshore and parklawn area and am having a tough find hunting down great places to eat.

What is everyones favourite place in my area?

I'm open to anything!

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  1. There is a place I've been to a few times and really like called Momo's Bistro....on Queensway between Parklawn and Royal York.

    Food is good, jazz is awesome (a bit loud if you are in the bar area), nice decor and prices reasonable


    1. Try Pazzia Osteria near Queensway and Islington, Rocco's across from the Food Terminal, and Wise Guyz pizza at Royal York and the Queensway.

      1. Agree with all of the others plus Lantina on the Queensway(across from the House of Lancaster!!) and I am going to try Posticino at 755 the Queensway at the beginning of march so I'll let ya know how that goes...

        1. If you have money to spare, The Santa Monica restaurant at Queensway near Royal York is very good.
          If you like Schnitzel, Izbah, not far from Santa Monica, offers an inexpensive and good home-made schnitzel dinner.

          1. I do not reccommend Momo's Bistro, anymore.

            Our first visit when they initially opened was terrific - hence our trip back on a Saturday with guests from out of town.

            We arrived for 7pm reservations on a Sturday eve. The place was not busy, yet. Our greeting from the young waitstaff was a put off - they gave this attitude that we were bothering them. We should have taken that attitude as an omen, but decided to be seated anyways and give the benifit of the doubt regarding the staff attitude. Left to ponder the menu...for 30 minutes, we were then asked to order offer of taking a cocktail order was made. After an hour wait our appetizers by this time the place is getting busy and noisey and we are at the point of starvation that anything put in front of us would be devoured. Appetizers were all so-so.....but we were all so damned hungry each at all our portions. Mains were again, disappointing. Overdone red meat for one guest, underdone seafood for another and token overdone veggies for everyone. By this point we felt horrible for our dinner guests as it was at our insistence we dine at Momo's, so we salvaged the eve by opting out of dessert and requesting the bill (even tho we wanted to enjoy more of the great live jazz music). After another 30 minutes and the bill not arriving - we all just started to get up and go to retrieve our coats....that galvanized the waitstaff into take our money. I don't know what happened to the place....their food and service used to be awesome!??? And I don't think it appropriate for the the pretty boy waitstaff to be wearing their black restaurant 'uniforms' then creatively accenting it with sweatily fragrant and dinged fleece Nike wristbands.