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Feb 12, 2006 11:37 AM

Is there ANY good places to eat breakfast in TORONTO?

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I have not had any success at finding a great breakfast spot in Toronto.. it seems that we have to fly to Vancouver, New York or Paris for decent food. I am sick of Toronto's mediocre restaurants and would really like someone, somewhere, to tell me of a consistent breakfast spot where the food is actually enjoyable. Recently having had breakfast at the Four Season's hotel in Yorkville, the blueberries had mold on them, they ran out of chocolate croissants and the toast was cold, unlike the grapefruit juice, which was warm. Novotel is hit and miss, but the service there is at least friendly and the food not bad as far as bacon and eggs go. I've been to the trendy small spots on Queen, College and King.. best yet is Braisse, but again, nothing to write home about. Can any buddy help? I have found Pusateri's omlette to be the best tasting, but the service and unfriendly cashiers, not to mention the crowding, makes for a rushed, unpleasant atmosphere. Suggestions would be appreciated. I am honestly condsidering moving out of Toronto to Vancouver as the food, by far and large, is 10x better than Toronto (breakfast at the Four Seasons there is incredibly perfect) - not to mention there restaurant choices for lunch and dinner! Looking forward to some feeeback - first time user of Chowhound. Thanks, Todd.

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  1. Here are just a few recent threads on breakfast...hope this helps you keep your travel budget under control when it comes to having a morning nosh...

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      "Meggie's" on Eglinton Ave, west of Yonge St, on the north side. It is the PERFECT breakfast spot ANY day of the week!

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        Hey guys: THE BEST BREAKFAST IN TORONTO: It just opened all around Toronto, in 6 locations - it's called CORA (In Montreal, it used to be called Chez Cora). The ambiance is that of a fun Quebec ski-Lodge. They serve Farm Fresh Eggs, authentic Quebec maple syrop over the best Frech toast you've ever had - loads of perfectly cooked bacon on the special breakfast plate and all sorts of fruit and creme topped waffles and french crepes like you've never seen. Check this place out !!!! They had opened in Montreal around 1990 and I moved to Toronto a couple of years later - I just noticed the one on Brock Road, just North of the 401 and on their website, I just noticed locations allover the GTA - check out the menu and locations at I haven't been there yet here in Toronto, but I have been to three locations in Quebec, and the food, decor and ambiance were all identical. A true Breakfast Gem !!!!

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          You might want to take a look at the reviews of Cora's on this board before you make that claim. They've been open in Toronto for a few years now and they seem to be very popular (if the lineups have anything to say). But the food is just not that good. General consensus seems to be that they are not nearly as good as the original Chez Cora in Quebec.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            Hey Jo, like I said, I haven't been to an Ontarian location, however, it wouldn't surprise me if they f&*&^'ed it up here. Just look at Brown Derby and Moishes that opened up here and died because Toronto based owners/managers have no clue how to run a successful restaurant. Compared to Montreal, there is a general problem in Toronto with the cooking, service is terrible, customer service is practically non-existent. Toronto restauranteurs don't give a &^% about their customers - "just give me your money and get out of here" is the general motto of restaurant owners here. In Montreal, whether you're at a greasy spoon or 5-star restaurant, you're treated like royalty. Of course, I'm generalizing, there may be three of four restaurants in Toronto that meet my expectations (Duffs being one of them). Anyway, back to Chez Cora, I'm still going to go one of these days, but it's a shame that they don't have rave reviews here !!! Just a side note, when I moved here over 10 years ago, I was excited to go to the Golden Griddle because there is no such chain in Montreal. However, the Golden Griddle apparently only serves cold food now - they will all be closed any day now. I know that the pickle Barrel gets a bad rap on CHOW in terms of service, however, their breakfast menu is also very appetizing. Their Jumbo eggs and bacon breakfast is tough to match.

            1. re: montrealer70

              I was at Cora's once in the Toronto location and it was great .... but I wish they had a restaurant in the Yonge Bloor area

              the OP is right finding a good breakfast place in toronto is a challenge

              we loved the Church Street Diner but they have been under renovations forEVER and I am actually wondering if they are gone and under new management

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            Cora's is just an over glorified fast food joint. Better then Denny's, but any place that serves hollandaise from a bag shouldn't claim best breakfast

          3. re: Eggsactly

            My favourites are:
            1. Mitzi's cafe
            2. Saving Grace
            3. Morning Glory
            4. Gayley's Cafe
            5. George Street Diner

          4. Most delicious and consistent is Easy at 1645 Queen St. E. just a few doors east of Roncesvalles. Especially its huevos divorciados. Plus it does breakfast 9-5 every day - and nothing else.

            Since your taste sounds like it runs upscale, I'd recommend Xacutti at College+Palmerston - a little more expensive + weekend brunch only - but innovative. You can read the brunch menu at the link below:


            1. Oops - Easy's on Queen St. WEST, just east of Roncesvalles

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                I second this. My fave in TO. Order the Huevos Divorciados (sp?), they are a fresh treat. Their basic breakfast is also top-notch.

                The Drake do a nice bacon and eggs. Best enjoyed on their charming and lively patio.

              2. r
                Raspberry Sour

                Not sure if this is up your alley, but I'm a big fan of Aunties and Uncles. It's a cozy, trendy hipster-ish spot. The waffles are outstanding, which is a rarity.

                It's on Lippincott, just north of College. But get there early on weekends- the place fills up fast. And it's closed every weekend that's a holiday (by holiday, it means the holiday fall anywhere between Friday and Monday; any excuse for a weekend off).

                74 Lippincott St.; 416-324-1375


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                  I would second Aunties & Uncles. Their omlettes are excellent, nice and fluffy

                2. My two favorites in Leslieville are

                  Edward Levesque -
                  Verveine -

                  Both only serve on Saturday and Sunday. They're great. Give 'em a chance.

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                  1. re: Richard

                    Thanks very much.. will do!