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Feb 9, 2006 09:31 PM

Dutch bakeries and/or Stroopwafels

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Looking for authentic stroopwafels in the downtown area. Or does anyone know of any Dutch bakery, as a matter of fact? Thanks.

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  1. Mmmmmmmm stroopwafels!

    I'm not sure where to get authentic ones. I found some in the Rabba by the Manulife centre (not great) and some in the Loblaws at North York Centre (haven't tasted them) and some at the chocolate shop on the lower level of Atrium on Bay (I thought these were tasty, but I'm not sure if they're authentic).

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    1. re: Bumblegirl

      You can get the waffles at the Cheese Dairy shop on Bloor, near Bathurst.
      I am not sure if they are authentic or not though.

    2. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll be sure to check a few of the places out. Now has anyone ever heard of a Dutch bakery in town?

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      1. re: Ashley Moore Dutch bakeries in this town. What exactly is it you are looking for?

        If you don't mind a little drive up the Don Valley for stroopwafels or some imported Dutch baked goods go to.

        Niemeyer Imports Ltd
        10 East Wilmot Street,
        Richmond Hill,

        1. re: Hans Brinker

          Thanks for the address. Do you know whether this is a retail store or warehouse/manufacturer?

          1. re: Ashley Moore

            It is a retailer that imports all kind of products from Holland. It has a small seating area where you can eat Dutch pea soup, herring and some very good sandwiches with Gouda, smoked Eal, croquettes you name it they have it. Also of course all kind of cookies and candies from Holland including Stroop Wafels. Give them a call for the operating hours. I go sometimes for lunch at that place and get my shopping fix at the same time. Happy chowing.

            1. re: Hans Brinker

              My family goes here to get our Dutch groceries as well. As for the stroopwafels, they have a few different brands, some Canadian and some imported from Holland. They have frozen croquettes, you can just deep-fry them and they're good to go. I find them quite salty though and their roux is also quite flour-y...
              I can't wait til it's kerstkrans time... !

          2. re: Hans Brinker

            Thank you. I didn't think that I would enjoy Dutch foods but just returned from Amsterdam and I like it.

          3. re: Ashley Moore

            Yes, there is a dutch bakery in Bloor West Village. It a little east of Keele. It's owned by a old Dutch family and they also sell some miscellaneous dutch goods in the front. I don't remember the name right now, but they always have some authentic strudels (NOT PUFF PASTRY) sitting out in the window.

          4. They sell them in many of the Ukranian bakeries/delis in Bloor West Village - I noticed that the Sunglow bakery at Bloor & Runnymede had them this weekend, but I've seen them at some of the other places on the strip as well.

            I haven't tried them, but they look the same as the ones I had in Holland (which, of course, were delicious!)

            1. I can't find any good stroopwafels in Toronto!
              I tried those supermarket brands, but they taste totally different.
              Ones that I got from toronto tastes too much like cinamon cookie.
              The one that my bf from netherland tasted so sweet and crunchy XD <3

              I got "Double Dutch" from Food Basics around on Yorkmills+ DVP, but those ones don't even have expirary dates on it! Double Dutch tastes too chewy and I can't taste the syrup at all cuz of strong cinamon flavour on the cookie.

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              1. re: KyoRain

                It's tough. Some times the grocery store ones are good, some times not. I noticed that when on a trip to the Netherlands recently. The cookies are exactly the same, just fresher over there. They tend to sit a while on the grocery shelf here, so that's why they're not as good. Try putting a couple in the microwave for :15 seconds and see if that helps.

                1. re: currycue

                  i talked to the woman who owns the dutch store in bradford (where i bought a few packs of stroopwafels) and she gave me two tips ... 1) store them in the freezer and 2) once defrosted, sit them over a mug of steaming tea/coffee to soften/warm them up a bit. apparently, her kids eat them straight out of the freezer.

              2. The original comment has been removed