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Feb 6, 2006 04:24 PM

cabbagetown breakfast/brunch/lunch

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Hi all

Will be staying in Toronto for three nights in May, in cabbagetown area - Berkeley street

Any good tips for breakfast /brunch /lunch ?

Also we will be going to the ballpark on at least two of those nights - will anywhere be good for small plates food / tapas or pizza and beers either pre or post game ?

Have been to Brassai on a previous trip - is it still good ?

Thanks for your help - will be happy to reciprocate when you come over to Liverpool !

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  1. for a cheap and cheerful, but delicious, breakfast/brunch i can't reccomend johnny g's enough. it's wonderful.

    it's on parliament just north of carlton.

    i suggest substituting the home fries for french fries because their french fries are DELICIOUS!

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    1. re: mainja
      Raspberry Sour

      Hmm, that's funny, I just ate there for the first time this weekend. It's the one across from Jet Fuel and a few doors over, with slightly older waitresses with accents?

      I actually had a horrible experience. I ordered the eggs florentine. It came with 3 eggs, so 1 got thrown out (too much food, and I would have specified just the 2 eggs if I'd known), and they were all hard-poached, when I'd asked for soft. The Hollandaise was bland, the sprinach tasted freshly defrosted, and the coffee was barely drinkable. I felt ill for the rest of the day.

      It was odd though- the place was packed, which left me wondering whether we'd just gotten an off round of plates.

      I really hope I'm thinking of the right place, but if there's someone else I should be slamming, please let me know!


      1. re: Raspberry Sour

        no, sounds like the right place. they give you 3 eggs when you get eggs benedict or florentine.

        i had eggs benedict once, they were what i would have expected from that type of place, it is after all, a greasy spoon.

        i usually just get the regular breakfast special, but be warned, it too comes with 3 eggs.

        it's not the place to go if you're looking for a fancy breakfast place, it's the place to go if you're looking for a good greasy spoon.

        1. re: mainja

          so is there a good breakfast place anywhere nearby ?!

          1. re: emlyn w

            le petit dejeuner on King just west of sherbourne.

            1. re: knuckles

              petit dejeuner is good, but don't try the waffles no matter how much they tell you they are their specialty. They are really crunching and hollow.

            2. re: emlyn w

              Daybreak on the SE corner of Church & Carlton is my favourite in the area.

              1. re: emlyn w

                I quite like the Pear Tree on Parliment.

            3. re: Raspberry Sour

              Johnny G's is good for what it is. That is, a place where you wouldn't order eggs florentine.

              1. re: Tout Garni

                actually, on saturday i had the eggs benny and my mum had the eggs florentine and we both enjoyed it. usually i go there every weekend and get a cheese omlette with salad and enjoy it a great deal. but you're right, it certainly isn't fancy, it's kind of an upscale greasy spoon. oh, and i reccomend getting fries instead of homefries if you're going that route. their homefries are ho-hum, their fries are fresh cut and delicious.

          2. w

            I'm partial to the House on Parliament (pub-ish) and the Breakfast Grill (greasy spoon-ish). Of all the places suggested, Breakfast Grill is probably the closest to where you're staying (west side of Parliament, between Shuter and Queen), although pretty much everything suggested is walkable.

            1. Speaking of Cabbagetown, does anybody remember Fat Girl? It hasn't been open in 5+ years, but I miss it so much.. it was the turning point for my food obsession. I wish I knew what/if the owner or chef went on to do anything else.

              1. I am a regular at HOUSE ON PARLIAMENT and I think its my favourite place in toronto to go to for a nice casual pub meal. I will push it till the say i die- get the pulled pork sandwich, its the best Ive ever had, and their fries are amazing. Ben Wicks Pub is also very good, but the pulled pork is better at house on parliament. Both pubs are filled with fun servers, and friendly people. I feel like I make a couple new friends each time I go. Try it out, you'll have a good time!!

                1. If you haven't tried the Eggs Corruption at Chapter 11, 557 Parliament you must! An original take on Eggs Benedict. Hubby had the steak & eggs & was quite happy with his too.