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I dare you....

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I dare someone to name me a better deal for under 10 bucks in T.O than the Halibut Burrito from Burrito Boyz. It is unbeliveable!

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  1. Butter chicken roti from Gandhi... :)

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      Love the Gandhi butter chicken roti but you better make sure you have more than $10.00 on you. Other options-California's veal and a side of olives, Bitondo's ponzo and a slice, Swatow shrimp dumpling noodle soup amd an order of pan fried pork dumplings, Burger Shack Homeburger w/cheese and an order of crispy fries, Tov Li falafel and a slive of veggie pizza, 2 schnitzel sandwiches from Honeybee deli....

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      double happiness tonkotsu ramen for $5 and a tempura banana drizzled with honey if you eat in.

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        Where's Double Happiness? What else to eat there??

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          it's just west of honest ed's at bathurst and bloor. south side of bloor with a big orange and turquoise sign.

          it's japanese minus the sushi and there are almost always japanese customers inside. along with the general japanese food such as teriyaki, tempura, dumplings, noodles, etc... they also do mini-woks where you're essentially hot potting.

          awesome and completely reasonable in price if not ultimately really cheap.

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              oh damn i want some now... too bad i don't live almost next door anymore.

      2. How about a jaw-busting pulled pork shoulder sandwich with mustard slaw from Dipamo's on Eglinton west only

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          Mmm, the plain noodle pho AND the pho with BBQ chicken at Pho 88 on Gerrard--my honey and I can get take-out dinner there for under $10, total.

          On a related note, the #114 bun at MiMi is also excellent but for the honey and I to both eat dinner there is closer to $15...

          1. Falafel sandwich at Tov Li on Bathurst for around $4 including tax. A pita over-filled with the freshest falafel balls, salads, tahini, hot sauce.

            1. Yung Sing Bakery on Baldwin

              1 order of shrimp dumplings or shiu mai - $3.25
              1 BBQ pork bun - 90c
              1 Curry Beef Bun - 90c
              1 Vegetable Bun - 90c
              1 Sesamee Ball - $1.20
              1 mango drink - $1.50

              $8.65 + tax

              a great sampling at a great price, and I DARE you to eat anything afterwards!

              1. Porkchop and rice at saigon palace on spadina @$6.50.

                Beef brisket noodle soup at jing peking restaurant on college @$6.50.

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                  Well are you ever correct,absolutely, excellent, but I guess I have been mistakingly for decades ordered the same meal with an added lightly curried piece of chicken!!!!!! Supplementry comment, Saigon Palace probably has the best and most consistent steamed rice anywhere! And the Vietnamese Beef Soup has an incredible added touch that I have never found in any other place, a nicely soft piece of Daikon Radish! My visits are unfortunately rare, but years of their operation have still preserved their mainstays! Much more but........

                2. California Sandwiches. Medium veal with the works.

                  1. $10 is a lot of money for a decent meal in TO! Coming from the suburbia where one can get very decent freshly cooked Chinese meals at $4.99 either at food court or dine in with service, I rarely pay more than $10 for a normal daily meal.

                    Aside from really good sandwiches from Black Camel & Sandwich Box (featured in CityBite this issue), there are also lots of ethnic options.

                    - Vietnamese sub - $1.50 in Chinatown (any one of the 3 stores north of Dundas on Spadina)
                    - Northern Chinese dumplings at Dumpling House in Chinatown - starting at $3.99 for 12 dumplings freshly made by hand when you order
                    - Indian Dosa & Thali - Mostly $4-6 in Little India
                    - Korean home style meal (pork bone soup, dumplings, rice cakes, rice, noodles, etc.) - $5-7 per dish including side dishes & plain rice in Korean Town
                    - Ethiopian at Lalibela - $14 for the meat / veggie platter for 2, i.e. $7 per person
                    - Somali at New Bilan - $8 per person including soup, meat dish with vegetables & rice, soft drink / juice, cookies & tea

                    And most of these places have already included taxes in their price.

                    1. Give a visit to any Somali restaurant. Most of their meals cost less than ten dollars.

                      1. - Korean Hot Stone Tofu with all the trimmings, app dishes and rice at the place on Bloor West Near Christie. (Damned if I knew what the place is actually called - but there's a big yellow sign!)!
                        - Gold Stone Noodles for Chinese Noodles, Stir Fries, roast meats etc etc etc at Spadina and Dundas.
                        - Just about Any dim sum place for dim sun for one.
                        - Japanese noodles an rice dishes at the New Noodel place on Yonge just a block north of Empress Walk.

                        I can go on! :-D

                        1. I used to get the small hali at Burrito Boyz but the grilled sandwiches at Sandwich Box (Queen and John) are amazing - Ace bakery breads + 3 toppings + a spread with green salad for $6.20 or something like that. I love the Rosemary Foccacia with avocado chipotle spread, roast chicken, portabello mushrooms, and zucchinis. Well reasoned and the chicken is so juicy!

                          1. 5 club sandwiches from Gale's Snack Bar at Carlaw and Eastern...

                            1. The Veal and Eggplant sandwich with all the fixin's is a great deal at Mustacio's at the lower level of St. Lawrence market. Add a San Pellegrino Limonata and your tab is still under 10 dollars.

                              What a deal!!!

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                                I second Mustachio's. I'd also add ANY daily special at Cajun Corner for $6.95 and a visit to Mothers Dumplings for an order of any 10 dumplings you want plus a giant green onion pancake or two huge steamed buns and you're still under $10.

                              2. Anything at Spices Cafe on Temperance.

                                1. A chicken and eggplant sandwich from Mustachio's in St. Lawrence Market... it's six bucks and feeds two quite well.