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Feb 6, 2006 11:11 AM

Cooked lobsters...where to buy?

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For complicated reasons I need to buy about 6 cooked lobsters. I could, of course, buy 6 live lobsters and cook them myself but I'm in no mood to wrestle with the critters at home. Need the lobster meat for something I'm making. Where's a good place to get them? I was thinking the Seafood Depot off Weston Road but am open to other suggestions. Just want them fresh and cooked well.

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  1. Dominion on the north / west corner of Bayview & Eglinton. They have a live (lobster) tank. They will cook the critters up for you while you are waiting or call your order in and pick them up at your convenience. cheers

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      Yes ! Not too salty, not rubbery, spiced and cooked just right.

    2. If you're into a trip downtown, the St. Lawrence Market is my recommendation. Most of the seafood stalls have lobster. Not sure if they always have 6 cooked available, but a phone call would address that.

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        The fish stalls in St Lawrence market will steam lobsters for free. They will do it while you wait so they are very fresh.

      2. Just to let you know, I emailed Seafood Depot asking about their cooked lobsters. They emailed me back within about half an hour to say that they will cook any lobster for you - no charge. You just pay for the lobster. This week it's $13.99 lb. Takes 15 minutes so you can shop while your lobster is meeting its steamer.

        1. You can buy them fresh at the St Lawrence Market and they will cook them for you on the spot. You can also buy them already cooked. They may even have just the meat to purchase although I'm not sure.