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In search of the best Croissants

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After a long search, I stick to La Bamboche.
It is best to order ahead of time (croissants seem to fly away very early). Their chocolate croissants (or buns) are excellent too. I was not specially impressed by their $8 pound cake : too much baking soda in it. But you get stickers for being an addict.
This is my personal choice. Don't flame me !!!

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  1. Thanks for posting the results of your search. I love a good croissant. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one in Richmond Hill so far.

    It would be very interesting if you could post a review of all the places that you visited in your search.


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      I live near Bonjour Brioche and like their croissants well enough, but I have to second the vote for Pain perdu. We often think it's worth driving to the West End to eat their Pain perdu or Croque Monsieur and then bring back some fine croissants and my favorite baguette in the city.

      We've also tried Rahier, Fleurdulys and Clafouti, but we place Pain Perdu (and the Bonjour Brioche) above them.

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        Did you try that bakery at Yonge and 16th (close to Scotiabank, same plaza as FutureShop, northeast corner of Yonge and 16th)?

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          Yes, I did try the bakery in the Yonge/16th plaza. The croissants were very flaky, but were also kind of greasy and not much butter flavour.

          I'm still open to any suggestions north end of TO (Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan)....

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            A bit out of my way. It will have to wait till springtime. I'll keep it in mind. Count on me not to forget a good spot.

            I forgot to mention Rahier (again): a very busy place on Saturdays, not very friendly and their croissants do not beat the Bamboche's ones (IMO.

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            Curious, eh?
            I tried Célestin, Thuet, Patachou and La Bamboche. I did not wander far from Mid-town, though it might have been a good way to burn some of the extra calories I carry with me.
            La Bamboche croissants ($1.60 each, plus colored stickers that reward the faithful customers)is the best (in my own opinion): light, flaky, buttery and no baking powder after-taste.
            Please, let us know about your own experience.
            P.S. For a wonderful out-of-town Pastry Shop-Bakery, I highly recommend La Panera. I would say their orange scones are out-of-this world (unfortunately).

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              Where is La Panera?

              You should also try Ma Maison (Dundas & Royal York) for tender, shatteringly flaky, light buttery croissants and other french sweet and savoury goodies. The croissants are just like the ones from France.

              I popped in there after buying some chocolate from the Callebaut store which is across the street.

              I just wish both these stores were closer to home.

          3. I must say that Pain Perdu has the best croissants in Toronto. It is located on St. Clair Ave West near Christie.

            1. used to live on manor road about a block from bamboche. if i were still there, i'd be 400 pounds in a week from the croissants. gotta say the comptoir de celestin makes some pretty decent ones too.

              1. Thuet's on King West has the best croissant....I've tried Pain Perdu,Celestin,Rahier,Bonjour Brioche and All The Best...but I love Thuet...there's a small retail bakery in their retaurant selling breads ,croissants,jams and other pastries all made on site...apparently a special oven is required for croissant making and not all establishments house this...Miranda

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                  is this inside the restaurant or is it a seperate entrance? how much are we talking here?


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                    It is inside the resataurant just to the right as you walk into the dining room. All croissants are $2 and the artisian loaves are around $6. The full list is on their website.

                    Link: http://www.thuet.ca/menu.asp?Id=13

                2. I've never seen this place mentioned in discussions- Patisserie Saint Honore in the Kingsway has amazing croissants. 2945 Bloor St West. Call ahead, the owner closes for weeks at a time to go on vacation. Owner and pastry-chef Jean-Jacques will always try to upsell you other items(excellent baugettes as well)

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                    I know this is from a long time ago, but does anyone have information on the hours of this place?

                  2. In terms of the whole best croissant debate, it actually depends on what criteria you are using for evaluation. Do you prefer a flaky/buttery one as opposed to a heavier dough? Personally, I prefer a light, flaky pastry that's heavy on the butter. In this department, Célestin wins hands down (although Rahier's, and Patisserie La Cigogne's are also excellent). I'm not a huge fan of Pain Perdu's, I find they tend to be over done, and I would say their specialty is the "Pain Perdu". Clafouti's are also amazing, although heavier and more dense.

                    In response to Lamaranthe and at the risk of sounding like a food snob, depending on the region (and even within cities), you can get quite a variation on the French croissant. IE: from light to more dense, so in that regard many of the places above (while offering different pastry consistencies), could all be described as being "just like the ones from France".

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                      I can only post-by-proxy on this one, but my DH claims that Jules (just south of celestin) are better- fwiw.

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                        They used to be the crazy popular Tournayere in the Beaches. I found their Pain to be lackluster, but the croissant pretty good.

                        Current croissant fav goes to La Bamboche. Will have to try the chocolate one soon.

                        Pain favourite goes to whereever Cheese Boutique gets theirs...

                    2. Try Novecento (St. Clair, a little west of Dufferin, north side) Italian-style croissants... they're very good... I'll try Pain Perdu soon, maybe tomorrow for breakfast ;-)

                      1. The best croissants would be at Daniel and Daniel at Parliament St. and Gerrard St. E. They come in plain (delicious!) and fruit flavours. The plain ones sell out before noon on most days so get there early or you're going to miss out. They're flaky and just melt in your mouth. You'll be craving more if you don't buy a whole box.

                        1. jlunar, I believe that the couple that owned Tournayere in the Beaches has reopened on Mt. Pleasant, bakery is called Jules. It is south of Eglinton, north of Milwood. This is not connected to the Jules on Spadina.

                          1. just a note that it seems every bakery in the city is closed on mondays!!

                            1. Zane, in the Beaches at Queen just west of Woodbine, has very good croissants. My personal favorite is the lemon curd -- nice flaky pastry and a whallop of smooth, tart curd. Not so big that you can't also squeeze in a plain one as well, or split a ham and cheese with your sweetie, who will be extremely disappointed with the miniscule amount of chocolate in the pain au chocolat.

                              The ham and cheese is not a baked ham and cheese affair but rather a very simple sandwich -- warm croissant, ham, cheese, nothing else, kind of melting together.

                              Sunglow in Bloor West Village used to do a very good, very rich ham and cheese where the stuffing was baked into the croissant so you had little crispy bits of cheese oozing out. Don't know if they still do.

                              1. Finally made it to Patisserie 27 today, and they have, without a doubt, the best butter croissants in the city. They beat Epi, which up until now I thought had the best croissants, and Pain Perdu.

                                1. IMO .. the best almond croissants in the city are definitely by Brick Street Bakery. The may not be traditional but they are DELICIOUS. They often sell out quickly at the Queen and Logan location though.

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                                    What makes them "untraditional"?