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Thai food in North York

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Can anyone recommend some good Thai restaurants in North York?

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  1. hehe...Thai Bistro

    1. Thai Plate, on Bathurst, south of Wilson.

      1. There USED TO BE a good Thai restaurant on YONGE AND STEELES. Next to Laterna (Italian/Greek) restaurant.

        It closed a few years. Now it's a Korean restaurant.

        Does anyone remember the Thai restaurant's name and if the owner or chef opened another restaurant?


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          Thai Bistro on Yonge(west side south of Finch) has excellent Thai food.Warning: it is authentic not Westernized like most Thai food in Toronto.Don't be put off by the utilitarian ambience .It's nothing to look at but the food will not disappoint.

          1. re: Tom Purcell

            the best thai in the city, But you are right not westernized. that, i think, is a good thing.

            been to many here and in Thailand,

            and thai bistro is what you get over 'there'

            but call ahead, because they seem to close at weird hours. take vacations often etc.

        2. I love this place that I found just about a year ago. It's called Thai Bamboo, on Steeles east of Keele. It's next to Office Depot or Business Depot, I can't remember which exactly.

          First of all, I got dragged there because I don't usually want to try food at a small corner restaurant in some commercial building. But once I stepped inside, it was a cute little place with some "Thai" feel.

          Anyway since I was dragged there, I decided to go with a safe menu; Chicken Pad Thai and Crispy Spring Rolls. Without having to tell you, the food here is just mouthwatering.. I go here normally 3-4 times a month now. Excellent Thai dining, although it's not the fanciest restaurant. Above all, great price! Chicken Pad Thai for lunch is usually like 7-8 bucks.

          As a matter of fact... I think I am going there tonight with my boyfriend, who had never tried Thai food before Thai Bamboo. He now really enjoys going there.

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            Is it on the north side of Steeles or south? How far east of Keele?

            I ate at a Thai place in that area a couple of months ago and it was ok - but would be happy to try another. Son lives in the neighbourhood and I'm always looking for somewhere to go out for dinner. It's a bit of a wasteland around there.

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              I'm not familiar with the restaurant, but am familiar with the neighbourhood. If it's near the Business Depot/Staples, that makes it very near Keele on the North side of Steeles.

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                I think there is a Chinese restaurant next to it that is also pretty good. Can't remember the name, but my sister used to go and pick up part of the dinner from the Thai place and part of the dinner from the Chinese place and I remember it being decent.

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              Passed by many times and believe it was previously something like Bamboo Garden, Chinese food, so didn't take a chance it was " Thai " when new sign went up! Maybe, we will find out with more postings!

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              Guess Loud, Guess Often

              Lotus Thai (on steeles west of Yonge)

              1. Thai Bistro on Yonge(west side south of Finch) gets my vote.

                1. Joy Thai, on Yonge, north of Lawrence


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                      Purple Rice is dreadful. It's not even Thai food. But it has improved slightly when I was there two months back, still not Thai food though.

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                        Purple Rice never pretended to be Thai. It's "fusion," which means that they can't do anything well. The place is very poor.

                        It's deadful but you went back a second time? You'll have to explain that one.

                    2. Thai Basil Garden! (Finch & Dufferin) We go there all the time, and it's always empty for some reason (we do tend to eat rather late). Their Pad Thai is killer. Sweet and tangy and served with plump shrimp, tender chicken, and flavourful crispy tofu. Sooooo good. Haven't tried a lot of other items since we always get the Pad Thai, but Thai glass noodles aren't bad either. The Pho is passable (nothing to write home about), and the fresh spring rolls are tasty & the veggies crisp, but wrapped more loosely than I like. Haven't ordered off their Chinese menu except for the BBQ Pork Lo Mien, which is, quite frankly, pretty bad (suprising since the chef is Chinese, I think).

                      Honestly though, the Pad Thai alone is enough to keep me going back. Plus, free shrimp chips at the table!

                      1. Thai Bistro on Sheppard/Yonge is DELICIOUS. I have always had solid, consistant meals...always fresh. I actually think it is the best Thai food in the city--hands down. ( before Salad King went "modern" )

                        The vegetable cold spring rolls are gigantic--like the size of burritos with tons of fresh good stuff. Pad Thai is also fantastic.

                        1. http://www.lemongrass.ca/location.html

                          Lemon grass is pretty good, a bit pricey, considering Salad King (downtown) is the best I've ever had.