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Feb 2, 2006 12:14 PM


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I need some recommendations re: great delivery. I work long hours and just am too tired to do anything about dinner. ANY type of long as it's good and reasonable. And they must deliver downtown.

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  1. Freshwood grill delivers to downtown west.Great food.


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        i've found these sites helpful: - includes menus - profiles and menus

        i like getting pizza from massimo's (college west of bathurst), chinese from garlic pepper (yonge and wellesley), indian from saffron tree (university and dundas, or thereabouts) or kathmandu for cheaper indian (yonge south of wellesley). also for guilty pleasure, but always reliable, delivery, i will call swiss chalet for delivery.

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          mm I just read the menu for freshwood grill and have NEVER heard of this restaurant, but the menu sounds GREAT and so CHEAP! :) What are some stand out dishes? Any tips for dining in there? Have you tried the pulled pork..?

        2. I just ordered from Lee's Thai Spring Roll last night, the Queen and Landsdowne location, and was very satisfied. We got the Seafood Phad Thai, which was perfectly tangy-sweet with tamarind in it and was loaded with shrimp, squid and mussels, a coconut chicken soup (could have gone a little lighter on the coconut cream, but warm and comforting) and a spicy basil shrimp that had a good chili hit. I ordered extra steamed noodles, so the total was $34, which is obviously more than you'd pay for this meal in a restaurant, but if I'm too lazy too go out, I'd call them again.
          1512 Queen Street West, Toronto, M6R1A4