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Jan 31, 2006 08:45 AM

Bluestone Bistro for Breakfast (Markham)

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Finally!!!! A good breakfast spot in Markham. I know this restaurant has been there for awhile (located on Hwy 7 between Kennedy and Warden in the same strip mall as Yang's Kitchen for all you AYCE people) I've been looking for a decent breakfast option in Markham/Richmond Hill for a long time...something a little nicer than the average greasy spoon type breakfast.

Anyways, Bluestone is a nice discovery for me since I've passed by the place many times but never bothered to try it out. My wife and I brought my father in law there on Saturday. First of all, the service was very good and attentive. The decor was nice and bright. The coffee was above average which is always a good start! My wife had the Florentine eggs beendict (rosti potato on the bottom, smoked salmon and spinich under the poached eggs, english muffin on the side) It was very good, the hollandaise sauce was not overly strong which is how we like it. I had the bluestone skillet (black forest ham, eggs and cheese over homefires on a piping hot skillet) This was ok, exactly how is sounds, a hearty, comforting breakfast. The highligh was my father in laws smoked salmon, crab, brie omlette. WOW. What a combination on a omlette, it was out of this world. My father in law was raving about it all morning. It really was quite good. We'll be heading back for sure.

The food was excellent, but the price is on the high side for breakfast. Total for all 3 of us with tax and tip was around 36-38. I don't remember exactly. I would still recommend this place!

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  1. My mother and I went there for brunch/lunch today and we were also very impressed. My mother ordered the exact same dish as your wife and it was very good. I had a bite of it and it was pretty tasty. I really like the idea of the potato rosti. I had the surf and turf sliders, ground kobe beef burgers topped with poached lobster and bearnaise sauce. The sliders were okay but the fries with aoli dip was fantastic. The star of the show was the dessert however. We ordered the lind dark chocolate bread pudding and it was unbelievably good!! The bread pudding was moist and literally melted in my mouth and so many chocolate chunks in the bread topped with real whipped cream! Not exactly the cheapest dining experience but worth another trip! Service and decor were also very good.

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      Do you know if the menu items change frequently? What are the brunch/lunch hours (and do they serve brunch during the weekday?)

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        clicking on the place link (above right) will take you to the website, which provides hours of operation....

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          Many of the breakfast items don't seem to change very regularly. The breakfast/brunch items were still being served at 1 last time I went.

          I am not sure about the weekday thing as I have never been there during the week. Good luck!

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            JamieK and Wil, thanks for the info!


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        Bluestone Bistro
        4261 Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3R, CA