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Jan 8, 2002 04:03 PM

good seafood/restaurants in Seattle

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We are coming to seattle at the end of the month for a weekend visit, our first. We are looking for tips on good restaurants, including breakfast spots. Looking for: casual (no dressing up!), healthy (more or less), seafood (we are not vegetarians. Vietnamese is good as well. Thank you.

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  1. for seafood i recommend Anthony's Homeport in Kirkland. they're a NW chain, but i've had great meals at this original location ... or if you like sushi I Love Sushi, Lake Union location: cheesy name but good solid sushi and a nice view.

    for breakfast... Maltby Cafe... it'll probably be a drive but it's well worth the trip for scrumptious omlettes and a big as your face cinnamon roll! get there early because weekends are PACKED. OR if you're a coffee fiend I'd recommend going to Espresso Vivace in Capitol Hill, ordering a latte and a nice pastry from behind the glassed display.

    oh wait you said healthy right? i guess my breakfast choices aren't the best for health.

    enjoy your visit!!

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      Supposedly, some of the better chefs from I Love Sushi left and went to Wasabi Bistro ( But, you can't ever go wrong by going to I Love Sushi (


    2. An idea for a good healthy breakfast that is also Vietnamese--how about Pho for breakfast? Several good spots to choose from. We like Pho Bac in the International District (I think it's on 6th or 7th, just off Jackson)They open at 8:30, and on a cold drizzly morning, I can't think of a better breakfast! Susan C

      1. I would forgo the Anthony's suggestion.

        Dinner: Flying Fish in Seattle (a little expensive but good), Pink Door (in the market - good/inexpensive).

        Breakfast: Longshoreman's Daughter (Fremont good/OK price), Dish (on the way to Ballard from Fremont good/inexpensive).

        A few suggestions, I'm sure if you look down the list you'll see more, expecially in the fish department.

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          Anthony's is a hit-or-miss...sometimes great, other times not so great. Some of the locations seem to be better managed than others. Chinooks, which I believe to be part of the Anthony's family, is pretty reliable. Is at the Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard. I have never had a bad meal there.

          I would go to Shiro's for Sushi in the Belltown area - 2nd and Battery (I think). It is on 2nd, not sure anout the cross street. They do not serve lunch, only dinner. Get there early and sit up front at the bar. The chefs usually will throw you a little something extra.

        2. Monsoon, a Vietnamese restaurant on Capitol Hill, makes an excellent banaleaf-wrapped halibut.

          1. You can't go to Seattle w/o visiting Wild Ginger. This is the restaurant that put "Asian Fusion" on the map in the NW and is a Seattle Establishment.

            Kingfish Cafe is another great place to eat. This is soul-food w/ an upscale twist. I grew up in the south and I can say that the food here is bonafide southern, but sophisticated so as to challenge your tastebuds.