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Chef of India ( A Review )

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"Chef of India" ( formally known as Sidhartha ) is located at 30 Eglinton Ave E at Yonge St. I went there last night with friends and was blown away by the food and the service.

We sampled their samosas, chicken madras, chicken korma, lamb vindaloo and chana masala, along with the usual naan bread and basmati rice, sharing these dishes between 4 adults. We were all stuffed when we left. Our bill came to $140.00, and that was with a bottle of wine!

I 've been going to this restaurant for a few years now, and it has gone through several name changes. The food and the service remains unchanged and impressive. I am discouraged that the restaurant is only half full most of the time, and I don't know if it's the location, but it never seems to be busy...so give it a try Chowhounds! If you love Indian, you'll love this place!

For those of you who work in the area, they have a lunch buffet special...please let me know how it is!

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  1. Do they have a website? And do they deliver?

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      Not sure about a website, but they definitely deliver.

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        I have been to the lunch buffet; more times that I care to admit.

        As Indian buffets go, it's pretty good. It's one of the better ones, I'm sure. It has a lot of variety; many dishes. And, the food is quite good, if only the standard north Indian buffet cliches: bright red butter chicken, etc.

        I like it. Nearby (at Davisville) is Maroli. Try that place if you want something incredibly good. It's Malabari (south Indian) food. It's unbelievable.

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          Thanks for the info....I'll try your suggestion! I just can't get enough Indian food!

          : )

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          They do have a website www.chefofindia.net.

          Their lunch buffet is amazing. For $8.99 ALL YOU CAN EAT its amazing value. Usually you will pay around $10.00 for each dish they have on their buffet so its a steal at this price.

          The service is good. Its a good place to go during your lunch hour if you work in the Yonge & Eglinton area.

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          They do deliver, or you can pick up order with cash payment and get 10% off order. There is a 35$ minimum for delivery. (416) 485-5552

          Hope you give them a try! You won't be disappointed!

        4. Another vote for Chef- we used to order out from them all the time & it was quite a while before I even actually sat down *in* the place- were I was treated to excellent service-making menu suggestions and even plating my meal from it's dish for me when it first arrived!

          Only problem is the 'heights' you have to go to get to the lavoratory. If you have ambulation issues-either due to physical reasons or alcoholic imbibition...it's quite a trip..

          1. I frequent there for lunch since I work sort of close. I love the place. The best Indian food I've had. The tandoori chicken is incredible.
            At the price they charge for the buffet, it's a steal.


            1. Variety is not as good as what people said here, so I'm kind of disappointed. They also don't have any fruits and only have 1 kind of dessert. Butter chicken and tandoori chicken are excellent. If you really like these 2 dishes, it's worth to go to. Otherwise, I'd rather go to Trimurti or Agra.

              1. I love Chef of India. I find everything tasty, don't have a problem with the variety and I'm not a dessert person, so lack of choice there doesn't bother me. I have found the staff there to be pleasant and accommodating.

                Last year, I hosted a book group/dinner party (we did Kiran Desai's Inheritance of Loss) and chef Rajesh was very helpful in coming up with a suitable menu for me (of 10 people, I had one vegetarian, four committed carnivores, two who live for spicy hot, three who wanted mild, etc, etc, plus some additonal teens hanging around.)

                When I arrived to pick up the order, it wasn't quite ready yet, so they sat me down and served me a complimentary snack and drink while I waited. Rajesh then helped me carry all the food out to my car. The dinner was a success.

                I see they've updated their website, thank god.

                Chef of India
                30 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P1A6, CA

                1. hi all ....i went there so many times, i love there food and service but couple last months ,there service is not stable or good .i was with my frd and i hate the service this time ,all faces is new ,something must be wrong with that palce now

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                    Wow, that is a real shame, verging on tragic if they have changed over.
                    I ate there late spring and it was a lovely experience. Oddly roomy for the quality of food and very formal service but it was an early dinner so it made sense.
                    I had the sizzling tandoor platter , it was very tasty and their naan was probably my favourite naan in years both in texture and taste.

                    Rupps, kindly update us if you find out more!! I'd like to go but hate to waste a babysitter on a bad experience.

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                      I went with my SO about 2 months ago, and it took us 3 hours to eat. I will give them the benefit of the doubt that we were waiting for someone who was 30 minutes late, but even after our guest sat down, it took another 30 minutes to order a drink and then an hour and a half to have 4 dishes served to us. It was verging on the rediculous.

                      Which is too bad, because it sounds like it used to be a good place.

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                        I wish to update my comments on this place.

                        I went for dinner a few weeks ago with four people.

                        The food served was almost all reheated buffet food. It arrived 4 minutes after ordering it. And, I recognized it from the buffet with which I was all too familiar. It was not good: very underspiced. It was very expensive, especially considering that it was reheated buffet food. I don't mind paying $10 for the buffet. But this was $40 per person.

                        This place has gone downhill. I will probably not return.

                        1. re: Fwagra

                          I was under the impression that for the last number of years, dinner was hit and miss as to whether it was leftover from the lunch buffet. I'll have to hit them for lunch sometime soon and see if it's gone down hill or not. I always thought the lunch buffet was great.


                          1. re: Davwud

                            We get delivery orders (dinner) from Chef on India on a regular basis and are always more than pleased with our food. I've not seen any deterioration in quality or flavour (and have not found anything to be under-spiced), and the food always arrives within 45 minutes to an hour of ordering.

                            1. re: Tatai

                              I've been wondering since Fwagra posted if the time you order dinner matters. If you arrive early for dinner, you may be stuck with reheated leftovers. If you're ordering at 7 or something, after all the leftovers have been used up, perhaps it's back to normal.

                              As I've said, I've alway loved the place for the lunch buffet. The Nan is fantastic.


                    2. re: rupps

                      Very disappointing, both lunch and diner. Furthermore, I was served a glass of warm white wine in a glass that was at the same temperature... I am waiting for better news...

                    3. Had lunch there today. Unfortunately, as has been reported, this place has gone down hill. One of the first things I can point out to you is that at noon on a Thursday it was just about desolate. In the past, it was always humming with some customers.
                      I hadn't been in about 2 years and was a little reluctant because I hate being disappointed like this.
                      The tandoori chicken used to be awesome. This time, it was over cooked. It was almost dry and the flavour was non existent. Other than the smokiness of it. Just didn't have any flavour balance.
                      The butter chicken was flat. I would've added salt to it to see if it just needed that but there was none.
                      The beef curry was just abysmal. Mostly fat and gristle.
                      The nan. Oh the nan. Where once it was worth going just for that, it was sadly as flat (no pun intended) as the BC.

                      On the plus side, the veggie dishes all tasted fine to me although the vegetable pakoras weren't as good as before


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                        I took my kids to Cuisine of India's Saturday buffet. two weeks ago. I cannot comment on the meat dishes as I didn't eat them but the vegetarian dishes were quite flavourful. The naan was pretty good though not as mind-blowing yummy as our previous visit but at a buffet I didn't mind. My daughter love the butter chicken which means it was not hot spicy so I imagine that might disappoint traditional recipe seekers.
                        So overall, if you are hot spicy shy, not a bad venue.
                        If you are a dedicated indian food eater and ate here a while back, unfortunate because it was worth banking a lot of calories for a major indulgence of tasty food.
                        What has changed? Ownership?
                        I'd still go back because I prefer veggie indian food and my children can eat the mild dishes easily.

                        1. re: Idas

                          This thread discusses "Chef of India" and you mention "Cuisine of India", maybe you can clarify which one you ate ate?

                          1. re: foodyDudey

                            Thanks for catching that. It is indeed Chef of India.
                            And further to the buffet, I have tried a la cart dinners there twice and the food I sampled was indeed freshly made. We dine very early because of our kids so the place is very empty around 5pm.
                            Ordered the sizzling Tandoor App Platter,beef or Lamb Vindaloo and a mixed vegetable curry they customzied for us. The naan was consitently very fresh and good and the service was spot on. The rice was ok.
                            The first time I thought it was fluke so I tried it again tonight and it was good both times. I will try Jaipur Grille since Garfield thinks it is better.

                            The wait staff (except for the odd caucasian female server who seems a bit of droid) is very friendly and joke around with our kids so we can get though dinner ok. They even offered to haul our stroller down the stairs with us.
                            Sorry for the goof of names.

                      2. I have always found the buffet to be underwhelming.
                        A la carte is pretty good but not better than Jaipur Grille which is also in the neighborhood.
                        Now Banjara is also there in the area and I am going to try their buffet this weekend.

                        1. Chef of India is a favourite restaurant of ours, and we had delivery from there last night. We found everything we ordered to be just as flavourful as always and are very surprised to be reading these reports.