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Jan 4, 2002 07:19 PM

Where in Seattle can I buy fois gras

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Back east you can buy it at grocery stores like Wegman's, but I've been to Whole Foods (the closest thing I can think of here) and no luck. They only have mousses and terrines.


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  1. You may want to try Larry's, or the caviar company on Eastlake.

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      I have bought it at University Seafood and Poultry in the past.

    2. We bought one a few weeks ago from University Seafood & Poultry (1317 NE 47th/206-632-3900), and it was very good.

      I believe they sell frozen duck foie gras any ol' time. We wanted fresh though. If you order from them by Tuesday, you can pick up your fresh foie gras by Friday. You'll also have a choice of which grade you want.

      Now we're on a quest for goose foie gras!

      Enjoy. We did ours seared with a quince sauce and port reduction. We ate off it for several days, even indulging in it for breakfast one morning (with poached eggs sans the sauce)!

      1. Thanks, all! I'll give those suggestions a try.

        1. The closest I came was, which sells canned whole goose foie gras. On the other hand, when I last dined at Rovers, we were served a fabulous Hudson Valley duck foie gras from New York State. You can order it fresh, delivered overnight off their website (for only $65 per 1.5 pounds! What a bargain!!!! [heavy sarcasm])
          Let us know if you have more luck.

          1. Larry's in Bellevue has it and they'll also cut to order (minimum of 1/4 lb.) so you don't have to buy the entire lobe. It's $50 a lb. which I think is relatively standard for most places. Spoke to the counter person when I picked up half a pound over the Holidays and he said that they go through a lot of it so it's most likely fresh not frozen. Not sure which other Larry's may carry it (know for sure that Totem Lake doesn't).

            Also D'Artangan's out of NY state carries Hudson Valley as well as both goose and duck from France. They'll fed-ex to you as well. I've heard that the American is superior for searing/sauteeing and that the French is better if you're doing a terrine. The goose is almost always better in a terrine IMO. They also have lots of other harder to find game, etc.