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Jan 20, 2006 02:19 PM

Trendiest / Best Brunch in the city

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Where are the best spots for brunch in the city...??
I love Mildred and Brassaii...
Would love to check out somewhere new this weekend!

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  1. If you like Mildred Pierce, check out Xacutti on College. For a more laid back experience, Sugar Cafe on Queen W. is great. Sugar has a small menu, but everything is great. Best hot chocolate in the city, btw.

    1. Best brunch in the city...Maggie's, on Eglinton Ave, W of Yonge on the north side!!!I go there almost every week, and never get sick of it!

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        Have to agree, love this place, not "trendy" but very popular in the 'hood for the great food & great prices

        1. re: kathleen

          I've got to disagree on this one. We've given it a number of chances since it opened a few years ago, then we finally gave up. The cooks were never able to keep up with the orders. We often waited upwards of 45 minutes to an hour for food that was never very good. A few nicely arranged pieces of fruit on the plate cannot disguise mediocre food.

        2. i haven't been, but i've heard that for a buffet lunch bloor street diner is a good bet.

          also, free times cafe on college has the "bella did ya eat" brunch on sunday, again a buffet, a traditional jewish brunch.

          1. I love Musa at Dundas and Euclid. The fried egg sandwich on challa will make you weep!

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            1. re: Sugarcube

              Going to disagree with you on Musa. Just came back from it. Not *bad* - but certainly no better than mediocre. Waited at door even though tables open and no one ahead of us. Once seated, very slow service. Noise level **far** too loud. Dishes that did not come together; quality and flavour just OK. And for brekky, the lamest toast I've had in a long while. Cold, soggy and very ordinary.

              I'll try it once more in case this was an off day for them, but it was at best mediocre.

            2. Freshwood Grill has all day brunch menu ,evryday among other great ,high quality food.New twist on diner food sort of.Pizza ,salads,fish and steaks great grilled pizza's and sandwichs.And of courese lots of substantial tasty breakfast items.