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Jan 20, 2006 09:42 AM

Torito - review

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Went to Torito last night. This is a recently opened tapas resto at 276 Augusta, just up the street from La Palette and Supermarket. We were very impressed with the food and with the feeling of the place. We had excellent service from the co-owners who were the greeters and servers. Torito was full but no line-up, and everything inside seemed to be flowing well.
I will not try to deconstruct the dishes we had, I will simply list them to give you an idea of what they serve.
Bread, fresh cheese and fiesta ($3)
Cold dishes: Green Beans, pickled mushrooms and crispy onions ($6); Fish ceviche, corn and yam ($7)
Hot dishes: Crab croquettes w/parsley aioli ($10); Grilled king fish w/Basquaise sauce ($10); Braised beef cheek and tongue ($9).
With an acceptable bottle of Chilean Merlot ($34) the total was $79 (before taxes and tip). We thought a very good value and would certainly return.

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  1. I'm thinkning of doing a birthday thing at Torito Friday night. Is the seating there suitable for a group of maybe 8-10 people?

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      They don't take reservations so unless all 10 of you showed up together at 6 when they open, good luck getting a table without a long wait at the door. And they won't let you grab a table for 10 with only three people and an "our friends are on their way."

    2. What is the 'fiesta' in 'Bread, fresh cheese and fiesta' exactly?

      Also had a wonderful experience there last time. Must find the time to go back!