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Jan 17, 2006 09:19 AM

the sparrow

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i am thinking about heading there for dinner. anyone been there?

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  1. I'm considering having a birthday dinner at the sparrow Saturday night and have two questions. First, is it suitable for a group of 8-9 people? And secondly, I 've heard they opened a lounge with DJ's in the back. Is it still a restaurant, and restaurant atmosphere in the front? Thanks in advance.

    1. Went with some friends about a year ago. It's a small place - but there's enough room for 8-9, I would definitely talk to them in advance. Personally, I wasn't thrilled with the food - I had the most boring (and dry) chicken ever. The others I was with had lamb and steak and said it was good.
      I think it's more a place to be seen, rather than to get a really good meal...if you want to go and try a fun new place, then this is a good option. But if you're after an outstanding meal, then I would go somewhere else.

      1. Based on the accolades this place recieved on this board, we went a month or so ago and we were completely underwhelmed. Both the leek and goat cheese tart and crab cakes were ok - but very, very small portions. I got braised short ribs - which were clearly not braised long enough - very tough and chewy. Also - there was none of the roti the menu promised. Hubby got the rainbow trout en papillote - the smallest main course serving ever! And the fish itself, while it tasted fresh, wasn't properly seasoned (i.e. flavourless).

        All in all - it was an expensive meal for what we got. We have no plans to return and I agree with tochipotle - you can do better elsewhere.

        1. Thanks for the replies. Any suggestions for a place in the same area with the same vibe? We're probably going to do some bar-hopping from between Communists Daughter, Sweaty Bettys and Crooked Star so wanted to be nearby.

          1. All the above mentions of bars are tiny! I love them all, but if you manage to get a seat or are at least marginally comfortable in one, then I wouldn't move - because it's impossible to get into any of them anymore (depending on which night you plan on going..and I suppose, what time). You can go and poke your head in to check them out, but good luck getting a drink if they're jammed packed.
            In the neighbourhood I would suggest: Swan, Sugar, Kai (Korean). The Golden Turtle doesn't have the same 'vibe' but definately has some great food.

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              I have seen Kai many times in passing but have yet to enter. What dishes have you had at Kai? how were they?


              1. re: HarryLloyd

                To be honest, if I was really craving Korean, I would go up to Bloor - but because I lived right around the corner from Kai I went from time to time. I had the vegtarian stone bowl and it's pretty good. I also like their miso soup. The service is friendly too.

              2. re: tochipotle

                I've been to Kei on Queen at Shaw, and it's upscale Malaysian. Where is Kai?

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  Duh. I totally mixed them up (I did that often when I lived in the neighbourhood too) I'm sorry - you're absolutely right. The Koran place is San. Sorry HarryLloyd - maybe Food Tourist can give you a review of Kei.

                2. re: tochipotle

                  Yeah, they're tiny. Well except for Crooked Star. But Sweaty Betty's has that back room and if you go early or late enough Communist's Daughter is okay for room. We're just popping in for some drinks and there are usually a few people we know in each bar so it's a social thing. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions.