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Jan 17, 2006 08:42 AM

Good AYCE Asian Hot Pot in Markham/Richmond Hill?

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Does anyone know of a good AYCE asian hot pot place in Markham or Richmond Hill? I know there are a lot in the area, but which rises above the rest? Thx!

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  1. You can try the AYCE Hot Pot called "Do Heung" (in Chinese) in Times Square, located at NW corner of Leslie and Hwy 7 and it's facing Hwy 7. I find it has the freshest seafood and their meatballs and wontons are yummy!

    The only thing is that they are super busy, and it's best to have reservations if you go with a large group on the weekends.



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      This is generally considered the best place to go. They are excellent. Typically on weekends there are only 2 sittings, 6 and 8 (unless you go really late) and you MUST make reservations otherwise I doubt you'll get a table. Enjoy!

      1. re: Wil

        Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have their phone number so I can make a reservation? Or alternatively, their English name? I tried to do look up the name 'Do Heung' in but had no luck. Thx!

        1. re: Hot Shot

          Sorry, I got you the wrong English name (even though that's how we prounounce in Cantonese) The real English name should be Dow’s Noodles & Hot Pot Restaurant.

          The phone number is 905-762-0111 Give it a try.


        2. re: Wil

          Does anyone know if the hot pot restaurant right across from Dow's Noodles & Hot Pot (inside the Commerce Gate Plaza) is owned by the same owner? It has such a similar name called Dows Noodles. I'm not sure if this is a Dow's wannabe, or in fact a second store.

        3. re: KaKa

          Any recent news on Dow's? Still good? I've heard they have a deal that there's a discount if you have 4 people? And does anyone know if they've got late night hot pot?

          1. re: jennjen18

            Oh oh, and how are they in comparison to Rolling Pot near Pacific Mall? Do people get individual pots?

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              Dow's has definitely gone down in quality since they've moved from the Times Square location to Commerce Gate, but that was a while back when it used to be the default hot pot place for my family.

              I've no idea about the discount, but they do have late night hot pot, but you don't get individual pots (though you do get a split pot). There is another place in Commerce Gate which does have individual pots, but it's often desolate and I don't believe it's AYCE, but I may be mistaken.

        4. Tonight, we went to Mongolian Hot Pot (for some reason, if you google it, it comes up in reviews as 'Mongolian Hot Pie"). they have 2 locations and we went to the one on Hwy 7 and Commerce Court. the restaurant was relatively quiet.
          it was pretty clean and the selection was very good.
          cost us $25 each including tip and all-you-can guzzle soft drinks.
          the broth was very good (i chose the split between the herbal broth and the spicy broth. the spicy one is pretty darn spicy).
          veggies were really fresh, the meat was quite good.
          service started off pretty strong and friendly. the server made a few errors, though (forgot to bring a few dishes, brought pork kidney instead of pork rinds, didn't bring more baby bok choi., didn't bring more water). it wasn't a huge deal.
          they also didn't bring enough chop sticks/utensils for us to comfortably (read: safely) put the raw meats into our individual hot pots. we asked for more forks, but they said they ran out (kind of strange, since the place was not busy).
          but, overall, it was very very good. we ate a lot and it was all tasty. not a good place for someone who isn't a big eater.

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            Hmm, it's kinda not so surprising to hear that they would run out of forks since hot pot is something where forks is not needed/used .... so, naturally, they wouldnt have much forks! (i would think anyway)

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              just as an FYI: Mongolian Hot Pie is no longer a hot pot restaurant. so scratch it off the list.

            2. If it's hot pot, it's gotta be "little fat sheep", (xiao fei yang). I think there's more than 1 location, but the one we like is at Commerce Gate, beside 168.

              The soup base is herbal though, but so gooood. (and good FOR you)

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              1. re: ayl

                fat lamb's Commerce Gate operations has been closed since at least summer, it's been replaced with a Shanghai place now. I'm only aware of their Scarborough location by Warden and Huntingwood.

                Either Rolling Pot or Dow's gets my vote. Dow's pretty cramped though (and they stopped serving lunch!)

                1. re: tksh

                  Had Dow's last month (Leslie, 1 block north of Hwy 7). It was actually quite good, except that you had to share your pot with 1-2 other people at your table (i prefer the individual pots) and they didn't give you a ladle to spoon broth into your own eating bowl.

                  otherwise, they brought out an insane seafood platter (for free!) with oysters on the shell, salmon, shrimp, etc. the ordering options are plentiful. their soup choices are good.

                  just don't drink the complimentary sweet tea. overly sweet.

                  1. re: atomeyes

                    Hey CHers need to book a Chinese HP for this Friday for a group of friends (12 peaple) any updates on new or pre-reveiwed restaraunts would be Appreciated.