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Jan 12, 2006 08:25 PM

Lucy's Seafood Restaurant

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I went for lunch today. Had been once before. This place is really good.

All seafood was fresh. That's always important; doubly with seafood. Oysters Rockefeller were scrumptious, with a good lot of chili-heat. Calamari was perfectly done. Crabcakes were very tasty but imperfect.

The best part, I think, is they do "Po-Boy" sandwiches. I don't know enough about Louisiana cuisine to tell whether this one was authentic. But, man was it good. A nice big "sub" shaped sandwich, filled with a mixture of cajun chicken, shrimp, andouille sausage, peppers, and onions, all tossed in a very delicious and slightly piquant barbecue sauce. The bun was very fresh and grilled. For $8.95!

This place is great.

Sorry, but I don't remember where this place is, aside from the fact that it's Mississauga. There are two locations, I believe. Check the web.

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    barf williams

    Well you do make it sound good. Although authentic louisiana po-boys wouldnt combine andouille sausage along with chicken and shrimp and it certainly wouldnt include bbq sauce. So this prompts me to ask....Is there a place in GTA to find really great louisiana style poboys?

    1. The Mississauga location closed down long ago..
      the only one open is Brampton. You can't remember if you were in Brampton or not?

      I do not reccomend the restaurant at all. I took a group there in December and the owner of the restaurant was horrible to deal with. He even insisted
      that we had more people than we did and thus tried to charge us for dinners we didn't eat. When we told him how many people were there and even showed him our guest list all checked off, he said we were lying and we were not welcome back. HUH????? Anyway he ended up phoning the next day to apologize AFTER he made a scene in front of everyone for twenty minutes and ruined our evening. A complete nutbar!!!

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      1. re: JJ

        Three Mississauga locations are all still open - Millcreek (the original location), Dundas St. West, and Bristol.
        Perhaps you should consider dining in Mississauga rather than Brampton, as I had a pleasant lunch in the original location.

        1. re: Marjorie

          Lucy's is a very solid, reasonably priced seafood restaurant. I've dined at the Dundas West location several times and the food and service was always great.

          1. re: Marjorie

            Here's a map for Lucy's original location:


            1. re: Marjorie

              Lucy's is a very solid, reasonably priced seafood restaurant. I've dined at the Dundas West location several times and the food and service was always great.

              1. re: Marjorie

                Well why would the original location close down in the busiest month December and re-open in January???
                Millcreek was closed up in December, phone disconected and left all the Christmas parties booked stranded.

                1. re: JJ

                  You have confused LUCY'S SEAFOOD KITCHEN with LOUISIANNA'S SEAFOOD.

                  Lucy's locations are all still open with excellent food and great service as other posters have stated. The Louisianna's Seafood location on Erin Mills Parkway NOT Millcreek has closed down. These are 2 totally separate businesses.

                  1. re: Gina

                    And having worked in the area, Lucy's was a pretty good, if basic seafood place. Lousiana's was not half as good and probably deserved to close.

            2. Used to work in this area, and though I am not a big fan of Mississauga (box stores and strip malls), I thought Lucy's was excellent. In fact I wish there was a place downtown that was similar this: unpretentious, reasonably priced, decent oysters, really good blackened catfish....

              No idea if authentic, but didn't care. Never had a bad meal here. Decent cornbread as well (have never found this downtown).

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              1. re: bluedog

                has anyone been to Lucy's recently?

                i recall they used to have all you can eat mussles on Monday's.

                do they still have this?

                1. re: sanjay

                  I was there in January 2007 and had the AYCE mussels on a Monday. I think it was $9.99. There was 3 choices of sauce: White Wine Garlic, Lemon Dill or Chipotle Tomato. I tried all 3 and liked the White Wine Garlic the best.

              2. There's another location in Barrie that I visit about every 10 weeks.

                I find the quality of food to be very good, service is always consistently good. The portions might be a little light for the bigger eaters but they have great appetizers.

                The all-you-can-eat mussels on Monday nights was a steal. Three different types for $8 or $9.

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                1. re: WannbeFoodie

                  If your 10th week is coming around, you'll find a Tapas resto where Lucy's used to be in Barrie...

                  ON DUNDAS ST. EAST

                  I went for dinner and the food was great, it is not expensive at all. I went with four people and we ordered the same thing, it was a seafood gumbo, with crab,mussels, scallops, and shimp in a spicy sauce. with mashed potatoes or rice. everthing on that plate was so good. On the side
                  we had spicy battered shrimp. The seafood dinner was $15 and everything came to about $50. I will return again because the food is great and the price is not bad for four people.