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Jan 10, 2006 12:23 PM

Kobe Beef FOUND!!!!

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Hello fellow hounds!!!

a month ago i posted a message looking for Kobe Beef in toronto. Thanks everyone for your responses.

I have finally found Kobe beef in toronto, except from the last place i expected, online... strange as this sounds it is definitely worth it. i was recommended to contact the guys at (they're an online butcher shop with delivery service similar to grocerygateway) They carry a pretty big selection of Kobe beef by far more then I expected.

The price is high for this type of meat BUT definitely worth it. I ordered two 300gm striploin steaks which totaled $105 but they were delectably tender and succulently juicy. This was because the steaks had ALOT of marbling mmmmmmm and even without marinating the steak still melted in my mouth.

I hope this is helpful to anyone looking for Kobe Beef.
Yours truly - Beef Couture


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  1. To anyone who is appalled at this price, when I was living in Japan in the early 90's it used to cost about $50-$100/lb. from the local foodhall. So not outrageous if this is what you are after.

    1. According to the website, their butcher shop is located at Eglington and Dufferin. Did you try and go in person?

      1. Site says it is: Cut from Canadian Wagyu/Angus Cross. so it is not true Kobe...

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        1. re: Wilson

          True! How can they do that? Buyer beware!

          1. re: ex-customer

            I've tried Kobe beef before and what i had from these guys tasted no different then previous experiences if not better. BUT you still raise a good point.

            I called them back to research further, and once again they were very helpful. The kobe beef they sell is from a company called Kobe Classic Beef.
            They have to say on their site in the legal description that it's "Cut from Canadian Wagyu Angus Cross. Kobe Classic Beef" because that’s what it is, Canadain raised kobe beef, and because of laws on importing their not allowed to import beef from Japan (this is where Kobe originates) The only way to get Kobe from Japan into the country is in a suit case, which also is illegal. In my opinion this is the closest to Japanese Kobe beef you’re going to get in Canada.

            Also they provided me with Kobe Classics Beef web site to research further.(i've included this link below) From there it explains "the product we sell originates from Japanese Wagyu sires and predominantly Angus cross females to create a high quality marbled beef product. Comparing our product to regular beef is like comparing beluga caviar to cheese spread - the taste and quality is simply unmatched!"
            And i strongly agree!!!

            If there's anything that can be said about this experience it's buyer aware these guys are honest helpful and sell great tasting kobe beef.
            AND...i'll be ordering a Kobe classic rib-eye roast online from for a dinner party on the weekend!!!

            Beef Couture


            1. re: Beef Couture

              Originally, in order for wagyu beef to earn the "Kobe" designation, it would have to come from Kobe, Japan.

              However, beef production houses in Kobe have been contracting out to other producers to custom raise their cattle for them. They have the cattle raised to their Kobe standards, making them legally "Kobe Beef" even though the cattle were actually born, bred and fed somewhere else.

          2. re: Wilson

            betcha didn't know that some ``official'' kobe beef sold in japan is actually raised in north america. as long as the cow spends the last 3 months of their life in kobe prefecture, it's still considered kobe beef (assuming, of course, that all the other rules in terms of feed, etc. are followed. which they are in the case of the supplier the original poster mentioned).

            1. re: tuqueboy

              So what's the diff? It probably tastes the same, or at least it is worth nowhere near price of true Kobe beef.

              1. re: Negaduck

                Its not just the name or the breed! Real Kobe beef from Japan are from animal that are being fed 'beer' daily and receive massages by their handlers. Therefore the meat are ultra tender and tasted 'sweet?!'

                1. re: Charles

                  charles, i hate to disagree, but the massage stuff doesn't really happen all that much any more. most of the wagyu produced in north america is exported to japan anyway, either as cows which are raised in kobe for the last few months of their lives, or as cuts of beef. either way, japanese customers aren't inclined to accept inferior quality beef. the wagyu stuff produced here is outstanding. also, i would almost guarantee that any restaurant in north america claiming to serve ``kobe'' beef is in all likelihood serving north american wagyu.
                  but in any case, this wagyu/kobe debate is probably best for another one of the boards.

          3. St. James Butcher (Parliament and Winchester) now has Kobe beef. They have two cuts, rib-eye steaks for $55/pound and Top Round roasts at about $15/pound. They get it from Alberta, but it is Waygu. I opted for the later and roasted it rare with a crust of coarse salt and pepper and I almost wept it was that good.

            1. The original comment has been removed