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Jan 6, 2006 10:55 AM

New Generation

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Anyone see that New Generation is now closed?!

I was on my way to my fave sushi place and there was a sign that it closed for renovations due to a fire... :(

New Generation will be missed at least by me :)

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  1. Are you sure? Oh my god! I'm devastated. New Gen is my favourite sushi place as well. We used to take out-of-town guests there all the time.

    Does anyone know what happened and whether they'll be back?

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    1. re: Josa

      My favorite too. I went during Christmas time and it was already closed for the fire. DISAPPOINTING! They are not sharing information just yet about re-opening. Not sure how others felt, but we noticed the fish ratio to rice was slowly creeping to a less generaous level. I recommended that they increase their price a bit rather than compromise on the balance of product. Hopefully they will come back strong! There are many sushi spots on Bloor now. What do chowhounds think is the best and why? THANKS ZAK!

      1. re: Steven

        well when i was there they put up some phone numbers and email address' of the cooks and stuff so i'm wondering what that sad that there was a fire there :(

        1. re: Sushi Lover
          Raspberry Sour

          Does anyone know how or what happened?

          As for other favs, I recently tried Mariko (south side of the street, just before Bathurst), and was pleasantly surprised. Lured in by a combo of the all-you-can-eat menu, our piddling wallets, and our deep hunger, we poked our heads in, and noting that unlike Sushi on Bloor or New Generation, almost all of the customers were Japanese, we ended up staying. It was surprisingly good, although we didn't up trying the all-you-can-eat menu.


    2. weird. they had a fire in that building about 4 years ago, too.

      1. I went to both New Generation and Big Sushi, both in the annex, last week. I ordered the same dishes at both places - spicy salmon sushi, unagi sushi and salmon sushi. I loved the sushi at Bigh Sushi but didn't like it at New Generation. If I do go back to New Generation, it will be only to try the lobster roll (not sure if its real lobster).

        I loved the quality of the salmon at Big Sushi, it was fresh and tasted very good.