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Jan 5, 2006 11:21 PM

South St. Burger Receive's Hero's Welcome

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Tried this new place on Steeles West. Big fanfare, including a press release (see URL below). Nice flyers in the store extolling their years of research to find the best burger. Owned by New York Fries. Set up is like Licks in terms of selecting condiments (but that is the only comparisom to Licks).

End result is same crappy kinda of burger as Hero Burger. Flat tasting, overcooked, not much flavour. Bun overpowers the burger. I cant understand for the life of me why they couldnt pull off a really good burger with all their supposed effort. I felt let down the same way as after I tried Hero Burger.


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  1. Definetly not worth making the trip up north just to try the burger. Fries are ala New York Fries, which leave a lot to be desired. The meal was way over priced as well... I won't be returning.

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    1. re: Rachel

      How much overpriced? More than Hero?

      1. re: Negaduck

        A cheeseburger, fries and soda are $10.

        1. re: Negaduck
          Zak Mitchell

          This is from the South St. Burger's Press Release:

          Average Check Per Customer:$8.50
          Hamburger a la carte: $4.50


      2. What do you really expect...South Street Burger is the new venture for New York Fries. No room left in any malls for the chip shop; so might as well open a burger joint to sell their fries in.

        1. tried it this wkend and a big thumbs down

          yes they have some nifty toppings like herbed goat cheese, spicy ketchup, monterey jack..but it doesn't make the burger any less dry or tasteless

          much slower process than harveys

          fries didn't taste as good as NYF use to - i think it has something to do w/ the oil

          1. Thanks Hounds

            After my Hero experience I was very leery of going to SS. I'm glad I steered clear.
            My guess is I'll have to invest in a portable grill and bring my own burgers to work.
            I'd take mine over any burger I've had anywhere anyway.


            1. FYI - I really thought that South St. burger did a pretty decent veggie burger. However it was definetely more expensive than Harvey's and the "waiting" process was indeed slow.