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Jan 5, 2006 05:18 PM

Good cheap lunch around Yonge and Bloor

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Just started work at Yonge and Bloor and was looking for some good cheap (under $10) lunch recos. There are a lot of choices in the neighbourhood but a lot of mediocre stuff and chains. Any gems I should check out?


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  1. w

    definitely check out 'mom's big bowl of soup' in cumberland terrace (i think it might actually be called something like 'edith's soup kitchen', but the sign above the kiosk says 'mom's big bowl of soup'.) massive homemade bowls of soup to eat in or take away, with buttered baguette, for $5 and change. the soups change daily, although they did have some sort of pattern that i never quite figured out. i do remember that on fridays they often had a fabulous muligatawny, with giant chunks of chicken and a flavourful, filling broth full of carrots, rice, and lentils.

    they also have yummy samosas, and the bone-in chicken curry roti isn't bad either (although it's really messy to eat).

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      Do you know if this place is open on the weekend?

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        The soup at Esther's is awesome! She makes the best lentil soup in the city. The portions are gigantic and priced under $6.

      2. There is a take-out section of Foccacia (on Hayden) that's great! Meatball sandwiches, veal or chicken parm sandwiches all $5 or $7 if you want to add a side of pasta or salad, pastas, daily specials. Good italian food at great prices.

        There is also the salad house in roy's square, and The Ritz, a jerk restaurant with a daily lunch special at $3.99 also in Roy's Square.

        1. z
          Zak Mitchell

          I enjoy Green Mango Take-out (thai food). Huge portion of thai noodles and various kinds of chicken, such as peanut chicken. You can sit in too.

          Toni Bulloni on Cumberland near avenue is a little walk, but they have an excellent Italian hot box for like $7, including great pasta, parmegians, meatballs, etc.

          1. They have daily $5.00 lunches at "The Artful Dodger" that are quite good. ( 12 Isabella )

            1. Luckily for you a Lettuce Eatery has recently opened on Bloor just east of Yonge (east of Harvey's a bit). It just squeaks in under $10. I can only assume it's as packed at lunch as the TD Centre one though.