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Jan 4, 2006 07:26 PM

Runny Messy Butter Tarts

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I am in search of a very specific style of butter tart and I just know somebody out there will help me. I know there are many good ones, but does anyone know where to find a truly runny butter tart. Not guey, not thick, but one where when you take a bite the centre starts to run out. With raisins preferred but not essential. No nuts. Any type of crust will do. Thanks!

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  1. Oh, you're making me hungry! Unfortunately the only really good ones I've found in the last year are in Bracebridge, Ontario! Let's hope someone else can help us out!

    1. I think you'll love the butter tarts at the Hot Oven Bakery in Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke. They are the best I have ever had and very runny- they also have raisins. I've posted on them here before. My cousin from Florida begs for them whenever we visit.

      Hot Oven is located close to the Winners in the mall. The mall is on Dundas & East Mall off Hwy 427

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        Mmmmm! The runny butter tarts from the Hot Oven are the best I've ever had! Luckily I only live about 5km from the bakery!

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          Mickey Castor

          Thanks guys. Thats not too far for a weekend ride. I will get back with you on this. Any others - hate to sound greedy!

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            If you want to make your butter tart search into a day trip...there's a bakery in Little Britain ( near Lindsay ) called "Buttertarts n' More." They have every kind of buttertart you can imagine...including the kind you're looking for. I never miss the chance to stop and pick up a few when I'm in the Kawartha's!

      2. Osgoode Hall restaurant. Just had my first (of many) today. It was better than sex (can I say that here??). Nice and runny and came with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream which, if you are a purist, i am sure they would leave off or put in a dish on the side if you asked.

        Pure heaven.

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          I just had my first Osgoode Hall butter tart today. Amazing! Already planning next butter tart visit. I am not a butter tart expert, but I would be surprised to hear of better in Toronto.

        2. Don't know if they're still as good, but Humble Pie Bakery in Baysville had the absolute best runny butter tarts I've ever tasted.

          1. We were also in search of perfect runny messy butter tarts... and found them this past weekend on our way to Coboconk, at Freskiw Farms Kawartha farm market, on Highway 35 / 115, about 18 km north of Highway 401. You know the kind ... we just had to sample them right away on their outdoor patio. These babies required bending forwarding from the waist, knees slightly apart, tilting the mammoth butter tart at an angle so as not to lose the perfect runny goodness, and sucking out the extra oozy filling about half way through eating one. I'm not sure where they came from ... there wasn't a label on the package. They cost $6.99 for a pack of 6 butter tarts. Picked up some great Empire Farms cheddar cheese there, too.