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Jan 3, 2006 01:58 PM

Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls

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Sweet & sour Chicken Balls are always held up on this board as an example of what NOT to look for in an authentic Chinese restaurant, including by myself.

But, come on (to quote GOB: SOB's)! We were all raised on them! Every once in awhile SOME of you must crave those deep fried dough covered lumps of protien covered in sweet sauce! I know I do! And I still haven't found any in Toronto that I like, usually due to a poor dough to meat ratio.

So who's got the best ones around! And let's set aside the board's general disdain for this dish! Bring on the fluorsecnt sauce!

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  1. There are so many in the city...where do you live?

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    1. re: Jasvinder

      Happy Seven on Spadina, about a block and a half north of Dundas, west side, have very good ones.

      Let us know what you discover!

      1. re: Brain of J

        Golden Dragon....on Rogers Rd, at Keele St. Looks kinda scary, but they have the biggest chicken balls, with the highest chicken to dough ratio that I have ever seen!

        1. re: kathleen

          Thanks for the tip!

          1. re: Brain of J

            Peking Express on Parliament St south..take out or delivery only though.

            1. re: Maureen

              i find peking express too salty to deal with actually...

          2. re: kathleen

            I think that is the most important factor when looking for a good chicken ball.
            I would say any place which offers a buffet..they will have the worst chicken to dough ratio!

          3. re: Brain of J

            Brain of J, I'm going to check out Happy Seven. Anything else you rec?

          4. re: Jasvinder

            I am on the Danforth but work downtown. Happy to hear about anyplace though.

          5. Just head for the nearest mall's food court.

            1. International Chop Suey House
              On Kingston Road just west of Vic Park.
              Take-out only, but rather tasty.

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              1. re: Jenna

                I second the International House. Love the weird addition of a sweet and sour pickle to the container.

              2. I get my fix of glowing chickeny balls at SeaHi and

                Sea-Hi Famous Chinese Food 416-789-1258 3645 Bathurst Street,

                Its been a while but i remember lichee garden on dundas having good balls.


                1. On the east side, we order ours from Seaspray on Kingston Road (near Main). Fat cubes of chicken with just a thin layer of batter, doused in sweet, glow in the dark, (and what I suspect to be) banned-in-most-countries-red-dye-999. :-)

                  You are right about the stigma of craving this stuff. Being Asian, the shame of ordering it is way too strong so I cannot bring myself to do the deed. My nice (Caucasian) husband gets to order it for us instead.

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                  1. re: gbsm

                    Thanks for being honest! I'm not Asian but I always feel a bit funny ordering them also: like I'm betraying something (not sure what: I grew up in Winnipeg and sweet and sour Chicken Balls were an ESSENTIAL part of any Chinese restaurant visit).

                    Nonetheless sometimes you just crave deep fried stuff with sweet sauce! There is something terribly addictive about them...

                    I have found that Sea Breeze on Queen E is not bad actually AND they have CHOW cred.

                    1. re: bluedog

                      I can't bring myself to try the chicken balls, but as a Seabreeze regular,my secret sin is Chicken Soo Guy, breaded chicken with almonds and some kind of sauce. You have to be in that special mood, perhaps the step before depression!!!

                      1. re: leslieville

                        Try the lemon chicken, as well. It is a whole chicken breast, deep fried in batter and coated in a fluorescent lemon sauce. Very lemony.

                        And take the plunge on the chicken balls (sweet and sour chicken guy koo if you must!).

                        Really, I can't remember the last time I had as much fun with a thread!

                      2. re: bluedog

                        Definitely second Seabreeze... I love love their lemon chicken and chicken balls. Lots of chicken, and a crisp, tasty batter.