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Jan 2, 2006 11:07 AM

Best burgers

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I'm on the neverending hunt for a great burger. I recently tried the blue cheese and walnut burger at the Yellow Griffin, but was a little underwhelmed. I like Allen's, but I wouldn't say their burgers rock my world.

Where do you go for your burger fix?

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  1. My most recent favourites in order of preference. And fries happen to follow suit. Beaconsfield on Queen West, Epicure Cafe Queen West and Allens Danforth. Worth a shot is Utopia on College for an excellent but not consistent burger and fries. STAY AWAY from HERO BURGER!

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    1. re: Steven
      Vinnie Vidimangi

      Fat Phils on Marlee.
      As good a bun as you are going to get unless it is a Portuguese bun. A big, tasty, juicy burger and cheap ($3.49?).
      Favourite combination: lots of onions, lots of honey mustard, a bit of hot pepper; tomato slice under the patty, dill pickle on the side, only when he uses Strubs (the yellow-green ones are not Strubs).

      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

        Good call! Fat Phil's is the spot. It's nice to get a burger formed by hand not by a machine!

        1. re: MC

          Yes Fat Phils is pretty good for fast food quickie, but Allens is a sit down neighbourhood restaurant. I agree that Beaconsfield ROCKS. The Drake does a good burger too. mmmmmmmmmmmm

          1. re: jeff

            I love Allen's burger, but - amazingly enough - I was trapped into eating at Milestone's on John recently and they have a four cheese burger with garlic and black pepper that is pretty fine eating. Fries were soggy, but the burger was tasty, juicy, thick. Will go back again :):)

            1. re: Richard

              I second the Milestone's rec. Shockingly good considering the very low expectations I had for the place. Now, I would actually go back there when I need a fix.

              1. re: Richard
                bottomless pit

                Is Milestrone's a sit-down restaurant?

                1. re: bottomless pit

                  Yes it is a sit down restaurant. Its a chain but all the food is decent. The service is always good and there is normally if not always an attached bar called Palomino that attracts a fun crowd. If you want a really SPECIAL burger get over to Beaconsfield!

      2. I still like Lick's....

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        1. re: kathleen

          Lick's hamburgher are god awful, just like everything else they serve. They are really the Pits.

          The best place I've tried is easily the Fire Pit, which has unfortunately (for me) moved out the the hinterlands of Mississauga.

          1. re: kathleen

            Me too! Lots of gunk and hot peppers. A good burger!

            1. re: kathleen

              I used to love their burgers, when they were fresh made in-house. Now, they're just using meat pucks like every other fast food joint.

            2. z
              Zak Mitchell

              No matter what else I try, I have to say that at lease so far, Licks is still the best.

              1. OK i bet im going to get pummeled, but i love the smoked gouda burger at Casey's...with the kettle chips. Its a really nice mix of a big slab of fried gouda....good for the New Years resolutions and a zippy salsa. Tell them to skip the shredded lettuce, nothing grosser than soggy grass on my burger.

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                1. re: el

                  I love the sweet potato fries at Casey's!

                2. The Tulip at Queen and Coxwell has fabulous burgers, if you can avoid their deliscious steaks. Great chocolate cake too, if you have any room for dessert.