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Dec 21, 2001 03:09 AM

Portland - good take-out Caesar salad?

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Does anybody know of a good Caesar salad I can get to go from a deli or restaurant here in Portland? Preferably the southwest, Tigard, Beaverton, or downtown, but if you've got a good recommendation for somewhere else I'll take that too. I've gotten pretty good at making my own but occasionally I'd rather just pick one up especially if I'm out on the road doing errands and such. If you know of one with grilled or roasted chicken breast, so much the better. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I've had a couple of good salads at the salad place in the Pioneer Place foodcourt...can't remember their name...right around the corner from the bookstore at the entrance to the food court...

    I haven't had the caesar, but the chinese chicken is really good and they sell a lot of the mexican-type salads too. I would bet that their caesar is above average. Amazing cornbread as comes with.

    The larger versions of the salads just mean more lettuce, not more of anything else - beware.

    1. i haven't had a better takeout salad than the grilled chicked caesar from pasta veloce. they have stores on sw salmon x 2nd and on morisson x ~11th. when i worked downtown, i was hitting this place two or three times a week.


      1. This would be alittle out of the way, but I'm completely in LOVE with the Delta's caesar salad (it would be impossible to order to go during peak hours, I'm sure.) Their dressing is the key - it tastes like there's about 50 cloves of roasted garlic in it. And they make their croutons instead of using those nasty green-speckled things you get at some restaurants. The only down side to the Delta Caesar is they always seem to use the dark green leaves of romaine instead of the hearts, which can be annoying.

        1. Bugatti's Caffe & Pizzeria has one of the best caesar salad I've had in this city. You can order it with or without grilled chicken, and they grill the chicken to order so it's always hot and juicy.
          When I take it to go, I ask them to pack the dressing on the side, then I just toss the salad in the box with the dressing and transfer it to a plate. No bowl to wash. I like that.
          I'm totally addicted to Bugatti's caesar salad, and I've eaten caesar's in most of the restaurants in Portland. Most are disappointing, but this salad has "punch".
          They do a great pizza by the slice too.
          The caffe/pizzeria on the 10th street exit, just off I-205 in West Linn/Oregon City.