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Anyone tried Relish @ Danforth & Woodbine

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What did you think? Any recommendation?

Is is possible to search the topics on this board or do you have the scroll? I haven't figured out how to search.

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  1. Hi ja_jc, as I only live four blocks away, I've become a regular there. Here's a link to my review from September. You can simply copy and paste it into the address line of your browser: http://www.chowhound.com/canada/board...

    And yes, you can search the board by keyword. I simply use the "find" function in Internet Explorer. If you do, you'll find another, more recent review.

    Bottom line: it's a great little neighbourhood place. They offer good food at great prices and the wait staff are charming. I'm glad they got such a good review in The Star, 'cause they really try hard. Not all offerings are perfect (avoid the eggplant and almond butter app -- it's truly vile), but my recommendations are: BBQ ribs, lamb empanadas, polenta with goat cheese, pickerel, eggplant fritters, duck and white bean casserole and lobster potstickers.

    Bon appetit!

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      bottomless pit

      Relish looks great! Its about time that area got some good neighbourhood restos! Can't wait to try it out...

      As for searches...ctrl + F is what I do (find function)...not too sure how to find archived posts though

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        The best way to search is to use Google's "site" function.

        Go to Google and type "site:www.chowhound.com toronto board XYZ", in this case XYZ="relish". Of course you'll get any posting that mentions "rleish" includin gthe

        It causes google to provide only those hits that come from the www.chowhound.com site, and is a very useful tool for any type of searching.

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          Great place and yes, thank goodness we finally have new haunt. Great beer and food. sincerely, b

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          Nice recs. Going there tonight for our anniversary. Thanks.

        3. I did not have a good experience here, but I'm hoping it was an isolated one. I did post a review about a month ago. My advice is not to go too hungry, and don't expect to receive things in the order in which you ordered them (ie. you might get dessert before you get your fish...)

          1. My partner and I went for out anniversary dinner last summer. While the food was good, we paid something like $80 for the tab but I remember being somewhat still hungry leaving.

            What really hurt was the owner not coming to our table to say hi.

            1. It was recommended by a friend before X-mas and I've been back 5 times already. Food is excellent!
              Many great tapas. Prices are very reasonable.
              I'm very glad to see this neighborhood picking up as far as dining goes.

              1. Finally tried Relish yesterday. Mostly good; some problems.

                Food ranged from pretty good (mixed greens; lamb empanadas; chicken roulades; eggplant fritters; artichoke/bean dip; BBQ ribs) to excellent (foccacia; pasta shells; sage crepe; scallops; spinach salad; risotto; chocolate polenta cake; spice cake). Coffee was blah and they don't have cream. Lattes were good. Wine (two reds by the glass) and Belgian beer were both fine.

                The service was very friendly, nothing was bad, and we would go back. However, we would make some very explicit requests when ordering and expect them to be followed. We would discuss timings, orchestrate the sequence of dishes, and make it clear that anything served wildly out of sync would be returned. The sequencing and timing of the dishes turned what would have been an exceptional neighbourhood dining experience into one that was just OK.

                Although our party of 4 ordered individually without specific plans to share, and made this clear to our server, the info apparently wasn't passed to the kitchen or their food runner. Two of us received several plates rather quickly while two others waited an hour before getting any food. Given some serious allergies, the other two in our party couldn't offer a bite. The foccacia we expected to receive quickly was forgotten for over an hour.

                Portions were not miniscule for the style and, unlike some other posters, everyone was stuffed. The tab (about $125 for food and bevs for 4) was reasonable, but prices were much higher than those reported previously.

                1. My man and I were at Relish just last night. We've been several times before and have enjoyed ourselves each and every time. Last night we had (god...a lot!) the asian slaw, lamb empanadas, jumbo pasta shells stuffed with chicken, warm olives (OMG!!!!), garlic bread, and lots of other stuff. Can't say enough about the food - it's delicious. For wine we ordered Bonny Doon Big House White, which is a steal at their low mark-up. Oh, and for dessert we had the flourless chocolate and polenta cake, which is sinfully good.

                  As far as the pacing of the meal, we let our server know that we wanted it in three courses with breaks in between, and she was more than happy to assist us. It might be different on a busy weekend evening - JK is like that. You order, and they deliver it however they want. Never had that problem at Relish. We don't go there enough!

                  1. Relish is fine, a great place to visit some friends who live in that 'hood, however I prefer Barrio, hands down. I live about 1/2 way between the two of them, so depending on who I go out with is how I choose where to go.

                    1. If you were to arrive very hungry (i am Hungryabbey after all), how many dishes per person would you recomend, not including dessert?

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                        I don't think there's a universal answer. Our server suggested three dishes each. We had, I think, about 14 dishes for 4 people and everyone was stuffed. But it really depends on what you order. The spinach salad, scallops, and BBQ ribs (a reasonable combo) would have left me hungry. The pasta shells, risotto, and lamb empanadas would have been more than I could eat. Probably 3-5 dishes PP, depending on what you order. And you must leave room for dessert :-)

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                          mm, can you recall any of the desserts on the menu? Its not posted on the website

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                            We had chocolate polenta cake and a gingery spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Both were delicious. There was also some kind of brule and several more that I can't remember.

                      2. Hello. I went to Relish for the first time this past weekend and was really disappointed. I found the food to be tasteless and not very original. Plus, the staff were rude! I love tapas style and I live in the neighbourhood, so I wish I had nothing to say but good things. I'd much rather spend an evening at Gio Rana's for sharing. For this style of food, I'd prefer if the small portions actually had some distinct flavours.

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                          When I first went to Relish in early 2007, I loved it. I think it has really gone downhill since. The last time I went was in early November of this year and that firecracker of a waitress was rude and abrupt. The food was just OK but I won't be going back as I don't like being treated like I shouldn't be there.

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                            I believe it's gone downhill. First time I was there was in Jan. 2008 and really enjoyed it, went back in the summer and it was ok and went back again a couple of months ago and it was just average.....even the martini was not as good as I remembered. I won't be going back.
                            Unfortunetly I can't seem to find a place in the area that I love.....I keep trying though.

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                              I sincerely hope Joanne Clayton finds her groove again. She's far, far better than this.