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Dec 20, 2005 05:07 PM

Bread charge at JK Wine Bar [moved from Toronto]

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Love this place - great wines; service friendly to brisk depending on how busy they are, but always well informed; delicious food; well-judged pairings. Don't mind waiting for a table since I don't like sitting at the bar.

One cavil: does anyone join me in thinking $3 for a small(very tasty) bread basket is a bit much ? If one is ordering food shouldn't it be served automatically and without charge ? It's not the money but the principle of the thing that bugs me.

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  1. One way or the other I am sure we always pay for the bread. I like sitting at the bar at JKWB and I believe many baskets of bread would clutter up the bar "table". I personally see nothing wrong with charging for the bread - I have been there a number of times and I have never ordered it (and my waisteline doesn't need it).

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    1. re: George W.

      I've been there several times, and only once got the bread... it was really good, but I do think it's odd to charge $3 for a little basket. I find a lot of their food would also be great with bread, but it easily runs out. If anything, I'd like it if they gave more than a little basket, or anything... but I still love the place!

      1. re: George W.

        With such wonderful menus I've never felt the need for bread at JKWB. Ever since he put it on the menu I still haven't tried it....too many other good things to keep room for!!

      2. If you have a variety of small dishes at reasonable prices you have to charge for every thing including the bread. The problem with giving bread for free is that now you go in and order, steamed mussels with a delicious sauce bread. The bread will be competing with the rest of the menu and therefore you have to charge for it. Would be great....let's go to JKWB and have a bowl of soup and 5 baskets of free bread. I would think that JKWB would be a defunct entity real quick.

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        1. re: fatboy44

          If you go for lunch and you have a bowl of soup with a bagel...unless it says on the menu 'soup with a bagel' do not get charged for the bagel? I like to know where that is.

          1. re: fatboy44
            Vinnie Vidimangi

            In fairness you get a free bread basket in the restaurant, but the soup that you pair with the bread, chicken noodle, costs you $17 plus plus a bowl.
            Finally making good money, and doing so by giving up trying to serve a conventionally composed and good meal, has Kennedy started to believe in his own bullshit with JK Restaurant?

        2. We're talking about this item, right:

          Grilled Flatbread with Three Dips

          Maybe the $3 is for the dips? At any rate, maybe JKWB would provide some "regular" bread (i.e. not the grilled flatbread) for free (I can't be sure, but I think I remember asking for - and reciving - a couple slices of baguette once, to sop up some sauce from one of the dishes).

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          1. re: 2-cents

            No wasn't talking about the flat breads with dips; that strikes me as fair game for a charge - but usually they feature a bread basket, also for $3 - at least the times I have been there.

          2. In MOO, bad move. Bread should come free with the order. Charge more for each other if you wish, but don't show it as a 'special item'. Are they going to charge also for a glass of water? Come on...

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            1. re: Lamaranthe

              Comparing a bread charge to a glass of water isn't the same. Water is free from the tap, bread is not.

              The style of food at JK is not a 'complete meal' I wouldn't expect bread to be free. Perhaps one slice with a bowl of soup or mussels wouldn't be a lot to ask, but a basket for $3 isn't a big deal.

              1. re: jill

                Very well said! It is a small plate / tapa style menu so see the bread basket as part of that. Especially house made specialty bread, which is time consuming and difficult to make.

            2. as someone else said, you just pay for it in the rest of the meal anyway. this way, if you want bread with your meal. i'm not paying for it :)

              also agree that i would rather pay for good artisinal bread than have standard loblaws fare for free