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Need a new roti place

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Our favorite place, Vena's on Queen St. sold, and then closed. We loved their rotis, especially the bread. So we'd be grateful if you would send us recommendations in the downtown area.

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  1. we love Bacchus also on Queen street

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      The Roti Hut ( McCowen/Pitfield...just north of the 401 in Scarborough) or Ghandi's if you are downtown on Queen/Bathurst.

      The Roti Hut is out of the way for downtowner's...but, next time you are heading out east, you should make a detour off the 401!

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        Anything special to order at the Roti Hut? I live right by there, and would love to check out. How are prices, and just how good is food?

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          At The Roti Hut, I usually get the boneless chicken breast roti, ( about $7.00 ) and their "doubles" ( about $3.00 each ) Both are fantastic! A friend of mine swears by the boneless goat roti... Weekends, can have a bit of a line up, and weeknights as well, as they make everything fresh, and it takes a little more time...You won't be disappointed! Hope you enjoy!

    2. Might not be exactly downtown - but when I have a craving for rotis, I'll drive across the city to go to Bacchus on Queen Street West (in Parkdale).

      Mmmm - now I think I'm going to have to go there tonight.

      Not sure if they have a web site - but a map can be found following the link below.

      Link: http://www.dine.to/bacchus

      1. Gandhi at Queen & Bathurst

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          100% agree with Gandhi roti. Every time I think of it my mouth starts to water... heavenly!

        2. If you love food, I guess going a bit from DT is in order.

          I go to Blue Water on Vic Park btw Eglinton and Lawrence on the west side of the street. Good dalpuri wrapped around the right amount of chicken, potato and sauce. I've had plenty of roti at other places with too much or not enough of this or that, including too much salt.

          1. Vena's does have another location, located at Bloor and Lansdowne.

            Best roti I have had in Toronto.


            1. Coconut Grove on Dundas between Bay and University...183 Dundas Street West.

              1. Last night I had boneless curry chicken roti ($7) at the DutchPot on Queen E btwn. Coxwell and Greenwood. The serving sizes are huge, and they're very tasty. I don't like that they microwave the roti shells, but for the tasted and value, I can let that go.
                My SO had the jerk chicken roti (also $7) - very good as well.
                In the past I've had theirjerk pork dinner (v. hot, v. tasty), a small size at $6 served me for dinner then lunch the next day.
                Anyone else have thoughts on this place?

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                  Just came from having a stewed beef roti here. It was great and I had to bring 1/2 of it home. That plus black cake that I also got there,what more could one want? Well, perhaps some homemade Gingerbeer or Sorrel!!!

                2. bacchus on Queen East is definately the best i've had. cheap, good consistent.

                  1. Bacchus Roti, according to my Trinidadian spouse, has had its day. They are now doing 'wierd tofu' and 'cheese' rotis! Surely a bastardisation of an otherwise noble dish. Plus, pass by and you will only see white people inside. As with restaurants in Chinatown, this might be a bad sign.

                    Right nearby is Island Foods, right on KingW at King and Dufferin (NE corner). Recommended.

                    A bit further along QueenW northside is also Ali's Rotis. Also recommended (but tastier curries at Island). There are a few other shops across the street in the same area such as the Roti Lady, so why not give them a go for a change instead of Bacchus?

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                      What do you have against white people Mr Ho?

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                        I'm not a roti expert, but I used to love the chicken roti at the Island Foods location on Mt. Pleasant south of Eglinton (recently closed due to building demolition). Also great doubles.

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                          Island Foods at Mount Pleasant moved to Don Mills just south of York Mills. Same branch of the family (there are other locations that siblings or cousins run, as well as the annual booth at the Ex.

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                          Definately give Roti Lady a try - cheap, cheap too. My favourite is the veggie roti. She is from Guyana.

                          Avoid the place across the road - not so good.

                          Personally, I don't like Bacchus or Island Foods.

                          Ali's has huge portions, great doubles and aloo pie too.

                          I'm in the East End now and can recommend Danforth Roti Shop at 2844 Danforth (at Dawes). They're Trini.


                        3. too right, marie - Danforth Roti Shop is my local favourite (island foods ok but this place has it beat hands down). The eggplant is superb, a delicious smokyness that was a real treat (my wife is from the mediterranean so eggplant is a regular item - her dad makes THE WORLD'S BEST eggplant salad (or baba ganouj to some of you).
                          At Danforth Roti I usually have a 3 veg combo: spinach, long bean and eggplant. only $5.50, and i rarely eat the whole thing in one go, it's that big. I travel all over the city though, so i'll make a point to try some of the recommends around town (can't believe i never checked this site before, but better late than never)

                          1. A C R Hot Roti & Doubles(2680 Lawrence Ave East.416-755-7806 parking in the back) is the best place in the GTA in my opinion. It's run by a Trinidadian family, so obviously they make Trini style food. Their specialties are chicken roti $5.50 and doubles, 2 fried flatbread fritters filled with chickpea curry $1.00. There is always a lineup inside and this is an area with many other roti shops around, so they must be good.

                            1. Not exactly convenient to downtown, but for those of us stuck in the Western Burbs, I recently tried out Roti Hut in Hamilton at King & Connaught. What an amazing surprise! It's take out only, and my rotis were made on the spot while I waited. Had the duck ($7) and the chick pea/potato ($4). Easily fed my hubby and I for two meals. Wow - the roti was flaky and tasty, the fillings were ample and delicious. My uncle is a Trini and these are some of the best I've had from a resto.

                              1. Simma's in the little strip mall at Derry & Goreway. It's small, friendly, halal, Trini, and has a lovely yet unadvertized apple chutney you can request in your roti. The hot sauce, which I believe is homemade, is also fine. I stick to the goat, but my co-workers like the chicken as well. I'm always baffled why the Mr Jerk right next door always has such long lineups compared to Simma's.

                                The Carribean Roti Palace (Bathurst just south of Honest Ed's) is decent as well, and my Trini neighbours concur, although sometimes when you ask for extra heat, they end up putting all the hot sauce in one small corner of the roti.

                                  1. Island Foods. The only place that could hold a candle to the real thing in TT.

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                                      There's a great roti booth in the mall on the southeast corner of Jane and Finch, next to the McDonalds. They do huge rotis.