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Dec 20, 2005 02:37 PM

Need a new roti place

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Our favorite place, Vena's on Queen St. sold, and then closed. We loved their rotis, especially the bread. So we'd be grateful if you would send us recommendations in the downtown area.

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  1. we love Bacchus also on Queen street

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    1. re: snoobie

      The Roti Hut ( McCowen/Pitfield...just north of the 401 in Scarborough) or Ghandi's if you are downtown on Queen/Bathurst.

      The Roti Hut is out of the way for downtowner's...but, next time you are heading out east, you should make a detour off the 401!

      1. re: kathleen

        Anything special to order at the Roti Hut? I live right by there, and would love to check out. How are prices, and just how good is food?

        1. re: Jenn

          At The Roti Hut, I usually get the boneless chicken breast roti, ( about $7.00 ) and their "doubles" ( about $3.00 each ) Both are fantastic! A friend of mine swears by the boneless goat roti... Weekends, can have a bit of a line up, and weeknights as well, as they make everything fresh, and it takes a little more time...You won't be disappointed! Hope you enjoy!

    2. Might not be exactly downtown - but when I have a craving for rotis, I'll drive across the city to go to Bacchus on Queen Street West (in Parkdale).

      Mmmm - now I think I'm going to have to go there tonight.

      Not sure if they have a web site - but a map can be found following the link below.


      1. Gandhi at Queen & Bathurst

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        1. re: xtal

          100% agree with Gandhi roti. Every time I think of it my mouth starts to water... heavenly!

        2. If you love food, I guess going a bit from DT is in order.

          I go to Blue Water on Vic Park btw Eglinton and Lawrence on the west side of the street. Good dalpuri wrapped around the right amount of chicken, potato and sauce. I've had plenty of roti at other places with too much or not enough of this or that, including too much salt.

          1. Vena's does have another location, located at Bloor and Lansdowne.

            Best roti I have had in Toronto.