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Dec 20, 2005 02:10 PM

Review--La Palette

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I firstly want to thank all the chowhounders out there who gave me some suggestions/help/recommendations about La Palette.

Right from the taking of our reservation, La Palette handled everything so well, in a cordial and friendly way. We were among the first to arrive at 6:15pm on a Monday evening and frankly I expected it would be a slow night. (That proved wrong...this place is real popular.) The server offered to take our nice...I've been to more expensive places where you are on your own.

I ordered a Red Dubonnet on the rocks and my friend ordered a Belgian beer which tasted real toasty and nice. The server brought the Dubonnet and said that because they only had one ounce left they would offer to me free while I pondered another choice.
Another check mark...Wow I was already feeling optimistic and hadn't even ordered any food yet.

I decided on a Kir Royale...partly to celebrate and partly to remind me of Paris...except the prices are a lot lower at La Palette.

On to the food.
We both ordered escargot as an appetizer. Delicious.

One of us ordered the Steak Frites with Tarragon butter. The steak was tender and medium as I requested. Delicious. The other ordered Duck Confit with Yams....still talking about it.
We ordered a Merlot from Chile....real nice too.

The service was prompt, polite and friendly even though the place really filled up by the time we were finished. I told the server we'd be back for sure and she waved goodbye as we left the restaurant.

I sure won't forget that meal for a while. I'll be back again soon.

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  1. I, too, had heard only good things about this place. Love Kensington,so was eager to finally try it. The co-owner/maitre d' (not sure if he's one and the same) was so rude to me and my family last Saturday evening. The place has a nice, if extremely cramped, vibe but really the food was mediocre. For anyone else reading this: when in need of sustenance in Kensington Market, go to Torito for amazing tapas and good service. If cute, laid back vibe and room to move your elbows are traits that appeal to appreciate a nice dinner, you'd be better off going down the street to The Bellevue Diner. I almost loath telling people about Bellevue for fear of it being overrun. La Palette can keep its horse meat dinner.