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Best rugelach?

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Where can I find great rugelach these days? I remember that Yitz's used to be really good but I'm not sure if that's still the case. I'd prefer to stay midtown or downtown, if possible, but if I have to go up to Sheppard or Steeles, I will. I'd also like to get a few different flavours - maybe apricot, raspberry and chocolate or cinammon. Thanks!

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  1. I really like the chocolate rugelah from Harbord Bakery. They have lots of other flavours too.

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      I haven't had them in a long time, but Chapmans at York Mills\Bayview were the closest to homemade I have had.

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        The three H's are the best. Harbord, Hermes and Haymishe

      2. I'll tell you what to avoid - the mini apricot/raspberry rugelach at the Big Carrot juice bar.

        1. I cannot imagine chocolate rugelach better than the ones at What a Bagel. I live in Milwaukee and get my parents to bring large quantities of them from Toronto whenever they visit so that there are always some in the freezer.

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            I second What a Bagel. I've been addicted to these for years. I was just there 10 minutes ago and had to force myself not to buy any.

            I haven't tried Grodzinski's or Wanda's but I definitely will.

          2. Wanda's Pie in the Sky (on Yorkville and probably at their new location on Mt. Pleasant) - they have raspberry, chocolate and apricot flavors (may be others?).

            1. Grodzinski's Bakery - on Bathurst within a block or two of Ranee - on the east side. Kosher bakery, so closed early on Friday and all day Saturday. They have chocolate or cinammon/raisin.

              1. related rugelach q: why is it always so expensive?

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                  It has to be hand-rolled, which is very time consuming - on the other hand, it is very easy to make at home.

                2. I would hate to be wrong but it seems to me that Yitz's is not what it used to be. We used to love their smoked meat sandwiches but, lately, they are not the same. MOO

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                    Yitz's hasn't been what it used to be since it relocated from the basement of the Thompson building mnay years ago
                    When it comes to Jewish baking, Hayamishe (translation: home style, from our (former) home, one of our own) Bakery is the last of the Schmoehicans. They also have a line of breads made from different grains. Everything is good; bagels are interesting, good crust, very light crumb. Well worh patronizing. Located Bathurst, first street south of Lawrence, east side.

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                      Gotta agree with Mangakike (great name, too). Haymische is a great bakery. Some very unique deli-type stuff, too. Breads are very home-made. Not sure about rugelach, but should be excellent.

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                        I can confirm that Haymishe's chocolate rugelach are amazing. They were the first rugelach I ever ate, and they seem to have spoiled me for anything else - fresh, almost flaky pastry and good quality dark chocolate. All the others I've tried since seem overly doughy to me.

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                          Haymishe makes a killer babka (their Hazlenut version rocks) but I have never been that big a fan of their rugelach. Better to travel a few blocks north to What a Bagel for the softer, more chocolatey variety.

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                            haven't had haymische's, but i can vouch for the whatabagel kind (at least from the yonge-eglinton location). the chocolate's good, but i'm a sucker for the apricot.

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                      Yitz's hasn't been the same since Yitz sold the business a few years ago. We used to go there all the time (Yitz is my dad's second cousin) to have the best corned beef and matzah ball soup in the city (forget pancers!) but ever since he left, its gone a bit downhill; slower service, etc. They've still got great rugelach though, but the best in the city goes to Harbord hands down.

                      Bagel Plus (bathurst/sheppard) does a good chocolate one though.

                    3. Harbord Bakery or Harbord St Bakery is excellent and they have the most incredible chocolate brownie cookies that are worth every single calorie.