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Dec 18, 2005 03:33 PM

Belgian Chocolates

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Does anyone remember a Belgian Chocolate store out in the East End on Queen past The Old Woodbine Racetrack? I remember the chocolates as being the best I've ever had. Storefront was very tiny and around special holidays was lined up. If I remember correctly they were only open a few days a week and you almost had to order in advance. I believe it is no longer there.

Anyone know of a good handmade Belgian Chocolate shoppe?


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  1. Bernard Callebaut makes delicious chocolates (Dundas West and Royal York). (Also, go across the street to Ma Maison for great croissant.)

    1. The absolute best handmade Belgian Chocolates can be found at a little shop called Casteleyn Belgian Chocolates, at the foot of Brant St. in Burlington. The chocolates are made from fresh milk, creme, and cocoa, and will spoil if not eaten in a reasonable amount of time (unless refrigerated of course).. besides, they don't last long enough to be refrigerated..


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        I couldn't agree more with Xerius. Casteleyn chocolates blew me away. I was most impressed by their chocolate covered caramels. I have never been a fan of caramels, mostly because the texture is either too hard or so soft, the caramel drips. Casteleyn's caramels had a texture unlike any caramel I had ever had. It gently gave way when bitten but wasn't liquidy. It was perfectly creamy. Now I am even more of a snob when it comes to caramels because I know nothing will come close to a Casteleyn caramel.

      2. You could try Simryn on Danforth/Broadview, next door to the Music Hall. I think the chocolate is from Callebaut but, whatever it is, it is very good.

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          Are you thinking about The Belgian Chocolate Shop on the south side of Queen St. E. by the Neville Park loop? They are one of the best in the city (IMHO).

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            I share your HO. Classic, untrendy, to die for.

            (But is something up there? One longtime staff member has left, apparently unwillingly, and the second is soon to go. Doesn't bode well, or am I overreacting?)

        2. Just a heads up -- the original post is from 2005.

          1. The original comment has been removed