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Dec 16, 2005 09:33 AM

Myth @ Danforth Avenue

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Any reviews on this restaurant? What's your opinion? Thanks!

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  1. Trendy overpriced food, masquerading as "tapas". Really more of a nightclub; fun if you like that sort of thing but don't go for culinary reasons.

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    1. re: bluedog

      Agreed. I went there some time ago, and was generally unimpressed with the food. Good atmosphere though.

      1. re: xtal
        bottomless pit

        I agree with the others! Don't go unless you're going for a drink. I went there for dinner in October and was very disappointed...their souvlaki tastes like leather. Their taramousalata and daiquiris are good so if you're just going for something light, it might be a good idea but not even and nightlife it is not...they have salsa dancing on Thursdays but I wasn't really into it.

        If you're looking for really good greek food/tapas go to may have to wait as its always crowded in there but at least you'll be getting your money's worth which is more than I can say for Myth.

        1. re: bottomless pit

          I definitely agree about Myth vs. Mezes. Mezes is absolutely worth the wait!!!

          1. re: Dev

            Mezes is dreadful. It's not even all that cheap, either.

            1. re: TVOR

              I am so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about Mezes. My friends rave about it, I hear hounds rave about it... frankly, I think the place is downright awful. Come to think of it, I have yet to have good Greek food in this city. All of the places along the Danforth/Greektown strip are greasy, salty, poor attempts at Greek food.

              1. re: Juniper

                For decent Greek Food try Avli or Pan. Avli is more traditional, but with many great choices ( and with a great Greek Wine list. No standard souvlaki and fries cooked in the same oil as the calamari here, with rabbit pie, stuffed chicken, a GOOD greek salad and probably the best dips on the Danforth.

                Pan is trying to do Meditteranean fusion, and succeeds pretty well, though one sometimes wishes they would update their menu periodically. Having siad that great lamb dishes and terrific calamari.

                1. re: bluedog

                  Must agree with previous poster re: Danforth Greek food in general. It stinks (literally). All of them are crap.

                  1. re: Fwagra

                    I agree with everyone. Greek in Toronto - forget it. And I'm Greek! If you really want Greek, get in the car and drive to Montreal and go to Milos. Oh yeah, bring your banker with some loan applications to pay the bill.

                  2. re: bluedog

                    Agreed that Avli is one of the better restaurants on the strip. However, I still find it quite greasy and salty. I grew up with a Greek nanny and have traveled to Greece several times. I have never found a restaurant in Toronto that does justice to the flavours, textures, or spirit of Greek cuisine.

                    1. re: bluedog

                      Avli is definitely the best on the Danforth strip. I also really like Soda, but they have this huge space that is always empty. I feel so bad for them, but thier food is great.

                      1. re: bobbob

                        I agree that Avli is a fabulous restaurant. Their menu offers items that are not found in other Greek restos.

                        1. re: Penguin_Lani

                          When were you there please? And what did you have?

                          Avli was my favourite Danforth place for years, but we had several bad meals in a row in 2007 and others have reported the same experience. We stopped going.

          2. Ok - I'm going to depart from the trend here. I've been there twice with a GF. We like their open window so you can sit and look out on Danforth w/o having to sit on the patio. I have ordered the lamb sausage pizza and enjoyed it both times. Service attentive and reliable. I also like the decor - it's creative.

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            1. re: xssnrg

              We went there once, for a Summerlicious menu. I got the feeling that they could not decide if they were a restaurant or a night club.

              1. re: ekammin

                I am so sorry I did not consult this board prior to wandering along the Danforth last night.
                We had never been to Myth in all of the years we have lived in the area, and for some reason I was avoiding it, the ambience was not all that appealing to me.
                So the Mrs. and I decided to give it a try as we noticed they had a few seats at street level available while most all of the other restaurants were somewhat full. (Maybe there was good reason for this?)
                We were met by the hostess and promptly seated.
                There appeared to be plenty of wait staff standing around in black T shirts milling about.
                For the first few minutes we had a couple of staff looking over to our table and seeing that we were just sitting there. Now remember, I said that the place was not that busy.
                After 12 minutes, a young fellow comes up to our table, says nothing, and places 2 water glasses on the table, fills them, and walks away.
                Now this is starting to get the hair on my back raised so I says to the Mrs., they have 5 minutes and we are getting out of here.
                Well, at about the 5 minute mark, we get asked if we want drinks and the Mrs. immediately orders a Martini, Halcyon I think it was. I really wanted to leave but the Mrs. wants to try this drink so I ask what's on draft and order a Stella.
                The drinks appeared to take forever, and they did.
                As I was sitting there, I notice our waiter (the one who took our order and not delivered) walking out the front door to go to a store on the Danforth. I couldn't understand this as we had waited a while and I pointed it out to the Mrs. as I couldn't believe it.
                Finally, we flagged down another waiter to pick up our drinks at the bar. They were delivered a couple of minutes later.
                And get this.... the Mrs. got her drink just fine. The draft I asked for, came in a bottle with no glass.
                Paid for the drinks, told the waiter we had to leave and left.
                Never to return.
                Turned this into a positive and walked across the street to Omonia. (See separate post)

                1. re: Poorboy

                  I haven't eaten at Myth recently, but have had some really good meals there in the past. I remeber having some great lunches and dinners there in the 90's and up till around summer of 2004, so perhaps it went downhill sometime after that. That's too bad as at the time we liked AVLI, Myth was our other choice.

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    I vote for Messini - amazing food and always packed!

                    1. re: Popdoggy

                      the best greek food in toronto is at the magic spot on the kingsway. Nowhere have a gotten a full plate of food like that. The dinner i bought was only 11.99!