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Dec 14, 2005 10:54 AM

What should I try at Thai Basil in the Annex?

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After seeing this spot recommended a few times on the Board, I've decided to give it a try tonight...
Are there any particular dishes Chowhounds recommend at Thai Basil?

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  1. Tried the vegetarian hot and sour soup and the vegetarian panang curry. The soup had a lot of woody pieces of galangal in it...nice broth, though. The curry was decent, but not spectacular. The jasmine rice was a little overcooked. My dining companion had some crispy shrimp and ham spring rolls which he enjoyed, and a fried noodle dish with satay sauce.
    It was ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there. The design of the space and the noise level was much better that Salad King. I'd say the food quality and prices are almost identical to Salad King.

    1. My fav thai place around that area has got to be matahari grill on Baldwin street. Actually one of my fav thai places in Toronto. Great service when it's not too busy.

      1. Almost 8 years after the OP. Had dinner at Thai Basil Saturday night. Recent stomach problems left me with a relatively bland set of alternative dishes. Stuck with Pad Thai and Cold Rolls. All was as good as any I've had elsewhere over the years. Service was very friendly and efficient. In summary it could not have been a better dinner.

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          Herne, you didn't want to eat "local" ? There are Thai restaurants on Danforth in the area where you live. Is Thai Basil better?

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            I like to try a lot of foreign food places and there are a lot of them on Danforth. Near Thai Basil there a lot of other Thai restaurants as well as Japanese and others. Nearby parking is a major issue as well. On the Danforth I am currently going to Brass Taps with some regularity. I used to go to Bamboo as well but not often enough to keep the doors open apparently. I carry a negative reaction year round that many of the restaurants that take up 75-80% of the sidewalk with their patios. I know they pay but I don't like it.