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Dec 7, 2005 03:43 PM

Sushi -- East End

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Can anyone suggest good sushi to go/delivery in the east end (Danforth/Riverdale/Queen East) area?

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  1. Sushi Delight is good value, it's at Danforth/Logan.
    Ikki sushi on Kingston Rd., jsut west of Midland is pretty good, too. Better than Sushi Delight, I think. Service is fast and friendly and I'm sure they'd walk you through the menu if you called for take-out.
    Akane-Ya in the beach is awesome, but pricey. Actually, I've found most of the susi places in the beach to be quite good.

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    1. re: jill

      Not exactly in the area you were asking about, but I'll give a plug for Zen, on Eglinton just east of Danforth (Road, not Ave).

      It's a wonderful spot, in the most unexpected of places, a tiny strip mall near a strip club.

      But wonderful food. And not just sushi.

      Prices higher than cheap, but not at all outrageous. Call first to be sure, though, as it's a while since I've been there.

    2. I think the best quality/expense balance can be found at AjiSai on the south side of the Danforth between Papte and Jones. AjiSai also has excellent and reasonably authentic teriyaki, nabes (no on-table hot-pot however), tonkatsu, unagi etc. I often have their spicy special: 10.99 for a large plate of various spicy maki. They also have really good zarusoba, though only served seasonally. Over all a great little neighbourhood place.

      Anyhow, I would avoid Sushi Delight: I find the texture of most of their fish a little off, and their teriyaki clearly comes out of a low priced bottle, the secret ingredient being extra glucose: it's a little too sweet. However the service is very friendly.

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        Second AjiSai. Really enjoyed my meal there. Nice servers, too.

      2. Sushi Life is across the street from Broadview subway station. It's Korean so you do get the wonderful little complimentary dishes (Asian amuse bouche?) before you get your order.

        It's bare bones decor but I have always enjoyed the food there. Very reasonable prices.

        1. I realize that this is an old post but had to weigh in. A couple of years ago, while my wife was doing a stint of a few months in PNG, I started a 'tradition' of 'Sushi Thursdays'. I worked my way up and down the Danforth and tried every Sushi place at least twice. The winner hands down for quality, taste and preparation is Sakawaya Japanese Bistro (corner of Danforth and Jones). The others don't even come close.

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            Yes, Sakawaya is excellent, as is Sushi Marché, but I also like Akane-ya at the very east end of Queen Street in the Beaches. I don't bother with any others in the Riverdale, Leslieville, Beaches areas.

          2. I keep hearing Sushi Marche is not to be missed...

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            1. re: Recyclor

              It is very good!!! We tried it for the first time yesterday for a little afternoon snack. The tuna was excellent. We had 2 kinds, one spicy tuna served on endive which was fabulous and looked great too! I'm sorry Aji Sai but this may be our new place. Only wish they had delivery!!! I understand that may happen in the fall.

              1. re: Recyclor

                The sushi is sublime and priced right, but beware it may be a little hard on the pocketbook if you are used to those "all you can eat" sushi places.

                BTW, I tried both Sushi Marche and another place (recommended; on the Danforth; forget the name) on the same day (and it was very much night and day). No comparison whatsoever; John Lee's doing a great job.