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Dec 7, 2005 02:25 PM

Yueh Tung or Spadina Garden...

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Which restaurant should I try first? Also, which dishes are recommended at each place?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I haven't tried Yueh Tung, but I highly recommend Spadina Garden. The "spicy peanut chicken" kicks serious ass!

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    1. re: Jane

      The chili chicken and manchurian chicken at Yueh Tung are great. I haven't had much else there.

      1. re: xtal

        Yeuh Tung. Large portions and good food.

        The local cops from 52 Division eat there.

      2. re: Jane

        I second the spicy chicken with peanuts. I no longer work in that area, and once in a while have cravings for it and take a longer lunch hour just to have it. :-)

        1. re: Jane

          I third the chilli chicken - awesome. And their hot and sour isn't bad either.

          At Spadina Garden, one dish - Crispy Ginger Beef.

        2. Yueh Tung, commonly known as "cheap chinese", has good chili chicken. go early, it fills up fast in there at lunch.

          Spadina Garden has excellent crispy ginger beef. not as much batter as other places.

          1. shredded dry beef at Spadina Garden

            1. Where is Yueh Tung? Do they have vegetarian choices?

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              1. re: Mushka

                The link is below, first hit from a Google search.

                Their menu is extensive, and has many vegetarian options


              2. i like yueh tung. it's good and so cheap.
                huge portions.
                i get chili chicken on crispy fried noodles or the shanghi noodle soup the most. but i love most things on the menu.