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Dec 7, 2005 01:11 PM

best cupcakes in toronto? // how are kubo 'babycakes'?

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i am looking for a nice basic cupcake - vanilla cake and buttercream icing. i just noticed that kubo radio has "babycakes" cupcakes at their location. has anyone had them?

any other good places to get a tasty cupcake would be appreciated.


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  1. m
    M Waterfield

    There is a new place in Mississauga, in Streetsville to be exact, who specialise in Cupcakes - simple and yummy, reasonably priced too. You can find this place on Queen Street (Mississauga Road is called Queen as it passed through Streetsville), on the East side (opposite the new Starbucks at Queen and Thomas). I wish I could remember the name!

    1. there's a place on yonge north of eglinton that only sells cupcakes. never had em, but i've got neighbours who swear by the place. think it's just called the cupcake store or cupcake shop. looks like tasty stuff.

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      1. re: tuqueboy

        It's "The Cupcake Shoppe" and there was a thread about it on this board recently. I love their cupcakes because they definitely remind of the cupcakes that moms would bring in to class for their kids' birthdays, but they are pretty much only good the day you buy them. They get a bit dry by the second day.

        Here's their web site:


        1. re: Jo

          I don't know, but I found that for the amount of money that you spend at the cupcake shoppe, I would rather grab a box of Duncan Hines and a muffin tray, because they taste about the same to me. But you are definitely right that they are only good for a day.

          Actually, Dufflet does a good cupcake. I like their double vanilla especially.

          1. re: Lazar

            It's funny you say that, because that is probably why I like them. Like I said, they remind of classroom cupcakes from grade school... which probably were Duncan Hines! :)

            1. re: Jo

              Ahhh...Duncan Hines....eases the pain.

              Incidentally, someone told me that the cupcake shoppe also sells their wares through supermarkets and other stores, much in the same vein as Dufflet. If this is true, anybody know where?

              1. re: Lazar

                I work at the shoppe and I can tell you that we don't sell through other stores or supermarkets. C-Food does have our cupcakes on the menu in the summer though.

                It's interesting to see all the comments about the taste of our cupcakes. I haven't really compared them to others but I think this calls for a blind taste test! Yummy...

                1. re: Marvic
                  bottomless pit

                  I love the cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe! They're so fluffy and light and they have a variety of flavours....especially why you wouldn't want to leave them past a day!

                  A blind taste test would be a good idea for a chowhound meetup...I digress but the only way to find out if you like the "shoppe's" cupcakes is if you try them yourself!

            2. re: Lazar

              Actually, using Duncan Hines would make a better cupcake than the cupcake shoppe!

              I find the "buttercream" icing tastes like Crisco and the cake part is dry and crumby. Not worth even half of what they charge.

              1. re: Gummybear

                I concur on the icing--though I find it tastes like straight butter. Which is fine on bread but not a cupcake.

          2. re: tuqueboy

            The cupcake shoppe cupcakes taste like paste with too much butter (IMO). Try FANTASTIC, beautiful cupcakes, delivered to your door -- and the proceeds go to charity. They will customize orders, mini cupcakes etc. Can't be beat!


            1. re: tuqueboy

              Right! Their cupcakes are among the best I ever tried. Warning: they have to be eaten the very same day, if not right on the spot. They are on the expensive side, but they are a real treat.

              1. re: tuqueboy

                Its called the Cupcake Shoppe, and although they look divine, they dont taste very good. I keep trying in hopes they will improve, but they are just ok. They use mostly buttercream frosting, which is not the sweet stuff we are used to. The cakes are usually dry and flavourless. On eone occasation I was pleasantly surprised, but usually, I am dissapointed.

              2. There's a lovley bakery on Cumberland, next to The Pilot that sells great cupcakes.

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                1. re: maureen

                  Don't forget to stop by Pilot for a burger.

                  1. re: maureen

                    The place on Cumberland is called Dessert Lady, and after reading this I tried their cupcakes yesterday and they were very good! Not expensive either - a dollar for the normal size cupcakes and 50 cents for the baby cupcakes. The amaretto flavour was a little more expensive. They let us sample the baby cupcakes for free.


                    1. re: maureen

                      Here's my rant. I've done my research in TO on cupcakes. While I haven't tried them all, the cupcake shop you're referring to on Cumberland is called Dessert Lady. If I hear another person rave about Cupcake Shoppe on Yonge I'm going to hurl. Cupcake Shoppe cupcakes are waxy, and artificial. Yes their cupcakes and store are adorable, but their product sucks. Dessert Lady not only makes magnificent organic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing daily (all natural ingredients), they're also ridiculously cheap (.99ยข each). So good, I've had to cut back in preparation for bikini season. Unlike other places, they sell out every day - no leftovers here. When you walk in there, you can see the commitment and integrity to their business and product. The place is immaculate, cute, well-run. I have a ton of respect for them. Their rice pudding is divine, and to add to the novelty, the grammar on some of their chocolate hearts is incorrect, only making their products even cuter. They just added dee-lish homemade ice-cream and gelato - had a taste sample. Yum! I don't work in the food business, but I know it's a grind. I will support Dessert Lady as long as they continue to produce the quality they are generating. This is the type of business we should be supporting.

                      1. re: Mimimimimi

                        Have never tried the Dessert Lady although she will definitely be on my list. However I totally agree with your assessment of the Cupcake Shoppe cupcakes. Awful, disappointing, artifical tasting icing and a total letdown after I had been dying to try them. If I am going to ingest the calories it is not going to be there unless and until they get their act together and live up to their name.

                    2. Just came across this website.
                      Look interesting, haven't tried


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                      1. re: Mila

                        I bought one of these cupcakes last week. Chocolate with a raspberry icing. The icing was flavourless, not sweet, and didn't taste like raspberry, and the cupcake was just ok, but left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. I wouldn't recommend the flourgirls to anyone.

                        1. re: more.cowbell

                          I have eaten a variety of flourgirls cupcakes, admittedly not the chocolate raspberry, and I must say I enjoyed them all. Perhaps it was something about the raspberry frosting you didn't like. I really enjoy the texture of the buttercream icing, and I found the cake to be delicious. This would be my "go to" cupcake, if they were anywhere near where I live and work.

                      2. Just came back from Kubo Radio and I had the cupcakes for the first time. Have to say they were... okay. Definitely nothing that anyone couldn't make in their own kitchen. The peanut butter icing on the chocolate cupcake was a nice combo though!