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Dec 11, 2001 06:33 PM

north seattle-area---good restaurants

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Hi there
I'm looking for some place good to go while I'm in the Edmunds area....We don't want to drive into downtown Seattle, but maybe as far south as northgate. I'd really love any ideas in the Edmunds area and please be specific about which dishes to try.

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  1. Bick's is on Greenwwod Avenue North about 106th. It specializes in hot food, but it's not really all that hot. They have a great burger, fries with pepper, pasta, chicken, polenta, halibut and other assorted items. Great salads too. Cozy atmosphere and OK service. I highly recommend it. It's a great place to drop into.

    1. scotts bar and grill is okay, kinda corporate but good seafood and a neighborhood favorite.

      1. well, i am just a terribly poor college student, originally from colorado. depending on what you are looking for, i hope i can be of help. these places are not heaven, but for those of us on a budget, they are way better than fast food!!!
        La Fiesta is a small, family owned mexican restaurant on bothell-everett highway between thraser's corner and mill creek. they have the most wonderful, kick-ass chicken tacos, get them and a Pacifico and you are set. service is great and very friendly.
        if you are really short on time, try Qdoba in canyon park next to kinko's. just a fajita burrito with black beans and a side of chips and salsa, i prefer the extra hot habanero, but if you are a washington native, you should stick with the jalapeno or mild tomatillo. the chips remind me of the plantain chips my friend's mom used to make, they are salted with a mixture of salt and lime-zest that i cant find anywhere else up here.
        there is a totally killer bbq place in bellevue, i wanna say it is dixie's bbq, an old car garage turned restaurant. good prices for a great amount of food. be ready to wait in line and dont let the exterior scare you away. and make sure you meet "the man" -trust me, you will meet him if you stay to eat.
        there is a decent sushi place right there in canyon park also, i dont know the name but it is right behind the pizza place, i think it is a godfather's. i am really picky about my ahi, though.
        if you try these, i hope you enjoy them! i wish i could be of more help but i have been away at college so long i dont know the area any more. . .