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Dec 4, 2005 03:35 PM

Sushi Kaji Scarborough?

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Greetings everybody,
I wanted to know if anybody has been to this cafe in scarborough yet? I heard Kajisan can be found there during lunch hours and the quality and ingredients are the same as the one in etobicoke, except its a la carte menu.
Can anyone confirm this place?/


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  1. Thanks chowhounders,
    I'm definately going to visit this place, should I make reservations? I know Sushi Kaji requires reservations weeks in advance.
    One more question, where can I buy fresh uni and shiso?

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    1. re: Bassy

      You can buy fresh Uni at Japan Town at Steeles and Woodbine at Taro's Fish Market 905-944-1377.
      They have the best selection of sushi grade fish.

      As well you can go to Galleria (Korean/Japanese Grocery store) at Doncaster and Yonge street, just north of Steeles. They have fresh Uni, Sushi Salmon, red snapper and other types of fish. Not a big selection but the produce if very fresh.

      1. re: Bassy

        Did i miss something in this thread? Where is the Sushi Kaji in Scarboro? I keep hearing about this place in etobicoke.

        1. re: Little T

          The original Sushi Kaji is in Etobicoke however Kajisan has opened a second location, a cafe, in Scarborough -- the cafe is at Pharmacy/Sheppard in a little plaza, tucked away on Pharmacy just south of sheppard. it's called Cafe Michi and the prices are cheaper, food is as fresh (sushi bar at back, cafe bakery at front).

      2. Michi in scarb is definitely more mainstream than Kaji. Same soy sauce but it's the green wasabi vs the fresh stuff. The fish selection albeit fresh, is not greek octopus nor portuguese tuna. It'll be your standard fair. Presentation is good but the omakase is not at the same level of cuisine as kaji. It's mostly sashimi, sushi and maki.