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Dec 2, 2005 11:30 PM


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Having a craving - are there any authentic and/or yummy churros around downtown or west end? I found some at the Mexican dry spice shop in Kensington Market which were amazing.

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  1. Sorry about the lack of details, but I remember trying out Tacos El Asador at 690 Bloor Street West.

    I then walked east on Bloor West on the north side...don't know if it's before or after Bathurst. However, there's a mexican/latin grocery store that as soon as you enter, there's a long display case on your right with grocery shelves toward the back. Well that place sells churros as well as other homemade treats.

    Good luck finding it!

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      Goober, here's a link to a list of food stores within 1 km of Tacos El Asador. From the list available, it looks as though the store might be Latin World Groceries.

      Link: DD=1&lang=en&far=1&locate=M6G+1L2&namef=&subcategoryf=&itemsf=&GoGuest=Food&Stores&advsrch=1&city=&prov=

      1. re: GeoNit

        Thanks GeoNit, but I'm certain I walked east from Tacos El Asador and Latin World is west from there.

        Nice site though.

      2. re: Goober

        it's called mario's latin video, which is roughly at bloor and palmerston. tacos el asador is just east of christie.

        1. re: tuqueboy

          That sounds right. I remember they did rent out alot of videos.

          1. re: tuqueboy

            Unfortunately, Mario's Latin Video on Bloor (near Koreatown and Honest Ed's) doesn't carry churros anymore. The best ones are still at the Mexican dry grocery store in Kensington Market (a bit too crunchy and coated in brown sugar and cinnamon). The Latin American place around the corner on Augusta that makes pupusas in the back also makes churros but they aren't as good (mushier inside and dusted in white sugar only). Both are $1 each. Don't try the churros at Cava.

            1. re: Food Tourist

              I see you're keeping up with the Churro quest. I first ate them when I lived in Brazil (where they stuff them with Dolce de Leite) and still remember them fondly.

              I like the ones that sometimes show up at Harbourfront center - not in the World Food market, but outside in the field more by the booths that are selling kitschy stuff.

              1. re: Food Tourist

                Agree with your comments about Cava's churros. I tried them. They were pathetic. The accompanying hot chocolate tasted like the HC at Starbuck's (not good).

          2. Last time I was at Dufferin Mall, they had just opened a churros take-out place, right near the No Frills entrance. I can't say how authentic it was/is, but I can confirm it's existence.

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            1. re: thenurse

              Is that the Churrisimo chain that was once around town? Last year, I went to Dufferin Mall, and it was long gone. How long ago were you there? Is it a Churrisimo or another name? Churrisimo still has a website but no locations that I know of.

            2. I was there about 18 months ago, so it easily could be gone. Yes, it was Churrisimo.

              1. Ah yes, Churrisimo: prefried, microwaved, sweetened grease and goo masquerading as a treat. You haven't missed anything. Good riddance.

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                1. re: embee

                  Thanks for the reassurance. Are there any Latin American or Spanish or other places in town that have real churros on their dessert menu? I'd love to find the kind that comes with thick hot chocolate, though I know that's not Latin American style.

                2. Casa Barcelona in the Kingsway area has churros on their dessert menu. Unfortunately, they don't allow you to go in just for dessert. I tried that and they forced me to order a tapas from the dinner menu before ordering dessert.

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                  1. re: ersatz

                    That's so ridiculous! You'd think that if they have empty tables later in the evening, any business would be better than a customer walking out!