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Nov 26, 2005 08:22 AM

Haka (Manchurian) style restaurants in the GTA?

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What are the best Haka style restaurants in the GTA (Indian / Chinese fusion)?



PS> An example URL provided below.


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  1. I've always enjoyed Federick's on the NE corner of Bellamy and Ellesmere in Scarborough.

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      Try Lin Garden (1806 Pharmacy Avenue - East of Victoria Park and Sheppard). The Chilli Chicken is awesome and the lunch specials can not be beat. I definately recommend to anyone!

      1. re: Brain of J

        I found Federick's generally very bad and some stuff completely ineatable. Cheap swill is still swill.

        1. re: Brain of J


          macdonalds is better

          and that is an insult to macdonalds.

          The food was dry, tasteless,

        2. At the corner of eglinton and kennedy there's restaurant called Chung Moi. Really excellent food, and super cheap if you get a family meal which will definetly give you a doggy bag. Their chilli chicken is incredible.


          1. Chor Bazaar @ Hurontario, North of 407 (1st plaza North of 407 on the Western side of Hurontario).

            1. Frederick's (The Original Hakka Restaurants in T.O.)
              Lee's Wok (The owner used to work at Frederick's)
              Tangerine Asian Cuisine (Excellent Manchurian Chicken)

              1. I also used to think that Haka was a fusion of Chinese and Indian, until a Chinese friend set me straight that the Hakka people were a nomadic group of Chinese people, not necessarily in India. Anyone else know the influences of Hakka cuisine?

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