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Haka (Manchurian) style restaurants in the GTA?

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What are the best Haka style restaurants in the GTA (Indian / Chinese fusion)?



PS> An example URL provided below.

Link: http://www.chinagarden.ca/

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  1. I've always enjoyed Federick's on the NE corner of Bellamy and Ellesmere in Scarborough.

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      Try Lin Garden (1806 Pharmacy Avenue - East of Victoria Park and Sheppard). The Chilli Chicken is awesome and the lunch specials can not be beat. I definately recommend to anyone!

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        I found Federick's generally very bad and some stuff completely ineatable. Cheap swill is still swill.

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          macdonalds is better

          and that is an insult to macdonalds.

          The food was dry, tasteless,

        2. At the corner of eglinton and kennedy there's restaurant called Chung Moi. Really excellent food, and super cheap if you get a family meal which will definetly give you a doggy bag. Their chilli chicken is incredible.


          1. Chor Bazaar @ Hurontario, North of 407 (1st plaza North of 407 on the Western side of Hurontario).

            1. Frederick's (The Original Hakka Restaurants in T.O.)
              Lee's Wok (The owner used to work at Frederick's)
              Tangerine Asian Cuisine (Excellent Manchurian Chicken)

              1. I also used to think that Haka was a fusion of Chinese and Indian, until a Chinese friend set me straight that the Hakka people were a nomadic group of Chinese people, not necessarily in India. Anyone else know the influences of Hakka cuisine?

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                1. Had my first Haka experience last Thursday.

                  By the way, is it spelled Haka or Hakka?
                  I've seen both on chowhound and the takeout menu from the restaraunt I visited spells it Haka.

                  After work I invited a friend and co-worker who never had dosas to go to Madras Dosa Hut at Albion and Islington for some dosas and stuff but were disappointed to find out that they were having kitchen problems(no gas).
                  We were promised that the problem would be fixed within half an hour so we decided to have a beer and wait. After the beer they said it might take a little while yet.
                  We were hungry so we asked if they could recommend another restaurant that was close by.
                  The waiter said that there was a Haka restaurant around the corner and that he ate there almost every day.
                  Well, we never heard of Haka but decided to give it a try.
                  The name of the restaurant turned out to be Asia Garden Restaurant, 2648 Islington Avenue(Northwest corner of Islington and Albion).

                  First impressions were strange.
                  It looked like a typical strip mall Chinese restaurant but it was staffed by people you would expect to order dosas, curries and naan from.
                  Bollywood was on the TV.
                  After looking through the menu we ordered the Manchurian chow mein(mixed) and the Manchurian beef. They were all out of beef so we ordered the Manchurian chicken instead.
                  The Manchurian chicken came with a bowl of steamed rice, after tasting the chicken we ordered another bowl of rice right away. The chicken was tender and spiced almost perfectly for us, a little hotter would have been nice.
                  The sauce was perfect, not sweet or oily and we used the rice to soak up every last drop.
                  The chow mein was perfect too.
                  In it were chicken and shrimps, Pad Thai type noodles, julienned cabbage, a hint of coriander plus other stuff that I failed to notice because we were so hungry and the food tasted so good we couldn't stop long enough to check it out! :)
                  We ate both plates so clean they didn't have to wash them! :)
                  There wasn't a grain of rice left either.
                  After dinner we were so stuffed a wheelbarrow would have been nice to wheel us out.
                  Both of us are big guys over 6 feet tall and both over 200 pounds and it only took two dishes to stuff us.

                  We are already planning a return visit but with a few more people next time so that we can try quite a few of the other dishes.

                  Service was great, the decor was so so and the food was outstanding.

                  Main courses range from $7.50 to $12.99 with the majority being $8.50
                  Both of our courses were $8.50.

                  Our meal with two beers each and a generous tip came to $40.00

                  If anyone else has visited this restaurant could you post your favorite dishes?



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                    Try Bao-Shin at 3066 Hurontario (J/N of Dundas) if you are around Mississauga area. Favs include Chicken mushroom soup (#14), Chicken chillies dry or with gravy (#25 + 26), Manchurian chicken (#27), Fried beef chilli (# 44), Shrimp chilli dry (# 52) ,combo dishes, Chilli chicken/ egg fried rice (C-1) and Garlic chicken/ egg fried rice (E-1) very good also. Most dishes are around $7 ea, and you can speak to the chef and get just the right amount of heat to suit..

                  2. Peking Palace at McLaughlin & Charolais in Brampton

                    It's one of my local restaurants to where I live and I've been eating there for years. Family owned place..

                    1. My (Indian) parents love Chung Moi (already mentioned). I haven't tried it. We are also big fans of Singapore Garden in Brampton (226 Queen E). Their crispy beef is amazing.

                      1. Tangerine Asian Cuisine in Markham is pretty good, their best dishes are Chicken Pakoras and Chili Chicken.

                        1. I went to Lin Garden on the weekend to try Hakka food for the first time and I was definitely underwhelmed - maybe I got the wrong dishes? It was probably the busiest restaurant I've ever eaten in, so maybe the quality was inferior because of fast turnaround? As you can see, I'm trying to make excuses because I went on the rec of other hounds who really seem to like it there so there must be something good about it. Must've just been an off night?

                          Anyway, had the chili chicken which was sort of spicy, but had no other flavour complexities (I had to reflavour the leftovers the next day); Haka chow mein, which was good, but not sure what was "Haka" about it; chicken pakoras, again not spicy and not much flavour (had to squeeze a lot of lemon juice on it to add something) and the chicken was way undercooked; and the green beans, which was the best dish of the set.

                          I'll have to try other Haka places so I can have a better frame of reference... maybe Chung Moi next time?

                          1. Chung Moi at Eglinton E and Kennedy a little family restaurant always busy attests to the great food quality and quantity.
                            Their very unique, Hot and Sour soup, a secret recipe from the owner's grandfather, is made to order in small batches and is a meal in itself. Simply the best.

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                                there are family combos which we usually order, and their portions are so generous, we always order for one less person, that is if we are 3 people, we order the family combo for 2, and still have left overs.

                                chilli chicken, manchurian chicken, chicken and shrimp fried rice, chicken corn soup, chicken pakoras, and the best part of the combo meal is the banana fritters in ice cream :)

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                                I took the recommendation of some of the Chowhounds and ventured into Chung Moi last night. I really enjoyed their chili chicken and chili beef fried rice. We also ordered chicken pakoras but they weren't as good as the ones at Tangerine. They didn't have enough or the right blend of spicing. Lastly, we decided to try their Hot and Sour soup. Definitely the most unique Hot and Sour soup I've ever had, but I wouldn't say the greatest. I was very surprised when the soup came out and had thought they had brought us the wrong kind! It wasn't the usual browny red color you usually expect but pale in color. No sign of bbq pork, mushroom, bamboo shoots, or shitake mushrooms. Instead the soup had shrimp, egg, grated carrots and cilantro. The heat factor of the soup came from so much white pepper I coughed after my first spoonful! The soup was definitely unique, but I'd rather stick with the usual hot and sour soup you get from Chinese restaurants or even at home.

                              3. Try Chopsticks on Burnhamthorpe and Bristol (in the plaza).

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                                  I think I was half asleep. The correct address of Chopsticks is on
                                  Hwy 10 /Bristol in Mississauga. Oops.

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                                    What specifically do you recommend at Chopsticks and why?

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                                      I would recommend the crispy beef - lots of flavour with the "crispy" texutre.

                                2. Definitely try Danforth Dragon on Danforth between Pape and Greenwood! It's really spicy and hot, with some layers of flavour in some dishes. I'll have to check out Asia Garden, Bao-Shin, Chor Bazaar, Peking Palace, China Garden and Singapore Garden to compare properly.

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                                    Ate at Lin Garden near the airport (on Derry just west of Airport Rd.) today and ordered Chilli Chicken, chicken pakoras and Manchurian mixed fried rice, just to compare apples to apples re Danforth Dragon.

                                    I have never eaten Hakka in Calcutta so I have no idea what's authentic or not. However, Danforth Dragon is so much tastier than Lin Garden. Lin's chilli chicken and pakoras were spiced hot, but didn't have appealing taste or layered spice effect. Fried rice had perfectly cooked baby shrimp but otherwise boring.

                                    It's worth the drive to Danforth Dragon at Danforth and Jones (near Pape) for really delicious Hakka! Order the jeera beef, pakoras, chilli chicken, and "Hakka fried rice" and you'll be in heaven.

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                                      Is the Lin Garden near the airport related to Lin Garden at Pharmacy and Sheppard?

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                                          Oh, I didn't know that. Oh well, they're both equally far from my place.

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                                      I've tried Danforth Dragon, and it is tasty, but I fine Hakka Garden Chinese Restaurant to be tastier. It's at Overlea and Thorncliffe Park. The food's great and so are the prices. The decor's non-existant, but that's not why I go out.

                                      The Bombay chicken is awesome if you like a decent amount of heat. The Manchurian chicken is better for those with slighly delicate stomachs. Their chow mein is a little oily, but that's what I expect, so to me it's fine. Those are my favourites, but I've ordered about a third of the menu now, and have been happy with everything I've tried.

                                      Danforth Dragon
                                      861 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

                                      Hakka Garden Chinese Restaurant
                                      25 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON M4H1P9, CA

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                                        Is Bombay chicken the same as the chili chicken that places such as Lin Garden sell? If not, how is their chili chicken?

                                        Lin Garden
                                        1806 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON M1T1H6, CA

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                                          I've tried Hakka Garden a couple of times. Most memorable was the price - the food less so. Indeed lots of heat - but relatively litle 'spicing' - just 'hot'. But not bad if you're in the area - not worth travelling for.
                                          Still prefer Danforth Dragon EXCEPT my last visit to DD was very disappointing.

                                          But both are better than Yueh Tung (mentione dfavourable elewhere in this thread. My worst meal of 2008 (which is what most of this thread covers).

                                          Danforth Dragon
                                          861 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

                                      2. The Royal Chinese Seafood Restaurant at Middlefield and McNicoll in Scarborough is very good.
                                        My parents and their friends love it. We are in love with the chili chicken In our opinion, much better than Tangerine).
                                        And they have things that make me think of my Japo and Popo.....stuffed steamed tofu, yam and pork, stuffed bitter melon..........

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                                          I have tried the following:
                                          Chor bazaar in Mississauga
                                          Federick's in Scarborogh
                                          Lin Garden in Mississauga
                                          Eddie's Wok n Roll in Mississauga
                                          Chop Sticks in Mississuaga
                                          Peking Place in Brampton
                                          Faley's in Etobicoke
                                          China Garden in Mississauga

                                          But neither one even comes close to Yueh Tung in Toronto, when it comes to Chilli Chicken - its just out of the world. The flavour, the sauce. When u visit it, ask for extra spicy n extra sauce - if u r a spice lover, u will be amazed how great it tates. I have tried the other recipes, I didnt't like them, but chilli chicken is really good. I am looking solely at taste here, without any consideration to fried, unhealhty, etc, etc food.

                                          Yueh Tung : 126 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, ON, M5G1P5

                                          Yet to try the others recommended above.

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                                            I've only eaten at China Garden on Derry and Airport Road and the Pat Thai is the best that I've ever had from anywhere. I live in downtown Toronto and drive all the way to the Airport for this food. I recommend that everyone try it.
                                            I will try out Yueh Tung. I'll let everyone know.

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                                              Ive been to Faley's and really enjoyed it but will be trying Yueh Tung asap as it's in the 'hood.