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Nov 24, 2005 12:07 PM

Restaurants @ Yonge & Eglinton

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Taking my girlfriend to a restaurant around yonge/eglinton...not too expensive like Canoe, any suggestions?


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  1. What do you call "not too expensive"?
    Again, I suggest La Vecchia, 2405-A Yonge Street
    Toronto, Ontario (Canada)-- Tel: 416.489.0630
    Nice atmosphere, very good food (Italian) and excellent service. I suggest you call them and ask a couple of questions Re.: their menu. They have been in business since 1995.
    See http://www.lavecchia.ca
    I hope this helps.

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    1. re: Lamaranthe

      Thank you guys so much! I was thinking of Grazie but now with all these other great suggestions, I'll have to rethink.

      1. re: alermo
        Elastic Waistband

        I would go to La Vecchia before Grazie. Much better food and service IMHO.

    2. here are a few suggestions:
      --more expensive french: celestin (manor and mt. pleasant); fat cat bistro (eg. and ave. rd.)
      --cheaper but cozy (mostly french): alize (on yonge north of eglinton, castlefield, to be precise)
      --cheaper, busy italian: grazie (yonge n. of eglinton)
      --neighbourhood trattoria with very good homemade pasta: vittorio's (yonge s. of eglinton)
      --better than average indian: Tazgi (yonge n. of eglinton)
      i've not mentioned north 44 and centro, because they're both fairly pricy.

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      1. re: tuqueboy


        I don't mean to flame, but your post contained an egregious and glaring misstatement:

        "Better than average Indian: Tazgi."

        No. Tazgi is much worse than average. It will be out of business soon. Watch.

        If you want better than average, go to Sidhartha on Eglinton. Or even Indian Garden. If you want good Indian, that's another story. You'll have to leave Y&E for that.

        1. re: Fwagra

          that's your opinion. i've found indian garden to be absolutely awful on the three times i've been. the service was fine, but the food was absolutely appalling, which is understandable on buffets, but unforgivable during an a la carte dinner. i think frankly the problem with the indian restaurants around yonge and eg. is that they're all very inconsistent. jaipur grill's another one that fits into that category -- i've had some marvelous tandoori fish and lamb there, but i've also had some of the worst vegetable dishes i've ever eaten. honestly, if you weren't too frightened off, i'd try tazgi again. had their dansak the last time i was there, and it was quite good.

          1. re: tuqueboy

            You're right, it's just my opinion and I have only been once. But, when I went, the food was so bad that I would not give them another chance. That's pretty bad.

            Indian Garden does some dishes very badly. Especially dishes involving meat.

            Have you tried Sidhartha? What do you think? I mean, it's the usual stuff, but I think, unfortunately, it's the best Y&E has now. Did you ever try Taste of Kashmir? Now that was good. Run out of biz by the buffets.

            1. re: Fwagra

              haven't been to siddartha. but yes, taste of kashmir was good for a while. knew it was in trouble when they decided to add mexican food to the menu. just think of the possibilities -- who wouldn't want a lhassi margarita?

              1. re: tuqueboy


                I particularly enjoyed their Saag Paneer Burrito, and Rogan Josh Gordita. But enough of that tired joke.

                Where is the best Indian food in the GTA?

                1. re: Fwagra

                  Come to the extreme wilds of suburbia(Islington Ave & Albion Rd to be precise)Forner home of Dhaba(It was fantastic there, I haven't been to the new location), Brar Sweets and Mhasa Dosa Hut plus a few others to choose from.

        2. re: tuqueboy

          Alize: Nice, good service, good brunch but I feel that $28 (txes and tip incl.) for 2 eggs Benedict and a coffee is a bit expensive for a Sunday brench.
          Grazie: Busy, noisy and their pizza is not the best in town. I would rather have a shwarta sandwich nest door. This MPO. No harm intended.

        3. I like Zucca (west side of Yonge, south of Eglinton) - easily one of the best and most underrated Italian restaurants in the city: http://www.zuccatrattoria.com/zuccaTr...

          1. there is a new Springrolls restaurant on Eglinton & Holly St/Ave/Rd, u can try it also

            1. Stray over to Mount Pleasant and try Camerini, less thsn a block south of Eglinton. Italian bistro, very friendly service and excellent food. Grilled calamari is meltingly tender. This has to be the only non-vegetarian restaurant in Toronto that has no steak on the menu! But who needs steak with all their other options?