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Nov 19, 2005 03:26 PM

Comments Re Oyster Boy

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I would walk miles and miles to find and eat good fresh oysters, but they would have to be the very best.
Is Oyster Boy the place where I should rush, before going anywhere else?

Please, tell me.

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  1. There are a few very good oyster houses in Toronto - each has its supports. My preference is Starfish at 100 Adelaide East.

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    1. re: George W.

      I would agree... Starfish is my choice restaurant for oysters. oyster boy is in my immediate neighbourhood and i wouldn't have any issues going there (quality oysters, good food), however if i want a great oyster night, i would choose to go to starfish.

      i find that oyster boy is a good choice, however, if the company you're going for dinner with isn't a fan of oysters. they have a pretty extensive cooked food menu.

      oyster boy has a good queen west environment - casual and younger, whereas starfish is a little more business-man...

      hope this helps.

      1. re: penelope

        while i do always see business men there, i think that starfish caters to a wide variety of personalities and that's why i enjoy it.

        the same night i was taking my younger sister (we're both below 25) there were business men, grandparents, women having a girl's night out and couples.

        the setting is so cozy but at the same time the servers are there to make sure you're having a good time. it's great for everyone and feels personal no matter what the occasion.

    2. For quality of food (oysters, appertizers, entrees especially the fish and even desserts), STARFISH should win hands down. Easy!! In my previous postings, I also mentioned about trying to dine there on a Thursday or Friday since they'll be getting the French Belons and Fin de Claire as well as the Irish Galways on those days.

      1. Starfish is much better! Skip Oyster Boy!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I like Oyster Boy for fun casual dining, and living close by scores for convenience. The oysters are good, the service is knowledgeable.

            The food, other than oysters, at Starfish is, in my opinion, in a different league to Oyster Boy. Oyster Boy is good and solid, but Starfish can be excellent.