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Nov 12, 2005 10:12 AM

best place for nuts in TO?

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I had some amazing nuts from a Middle Eastern vendor in England last year...completely different level than what I've found in most Toronto grocery stores. I've ended up with slightly stale nuts from Pusateri's and Whole foods, and extremely stale nuts from Loblaw's.

Does anyone have any recommendations for places with great nuts?

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  1. Never been there, but there's a nut place (Persian?) on the east side of Yonge, a couple lights north of Steeles.

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      I believe the reference is to Tavazo, SE corner of Yonge and Clark. I like their lemon coated pistachios (you get a nice sharp tang if ya lick the shell) and sesame cookies. Quite a few other Persian places (grocery marts, bakeries, eateries) have popped up in the area as well.

    2. There's a guy at the Downsview farmer's market, in the front room by the produce, but up the stairs. I haven't bought any, but the free samples are delicious.

      1. the persian place already mentioned is a good spot. i've also had luck with a persian grocery store on balliol (just s. of davisville, just e. of yonge) called friends (or friendly) bakery. also, if you feel like heading out to lawrence and birchmount, you could go to arz bakery, or the big arabic grocery store whose name escapes me at the moment.

        1. I have some pretty good nuts and have just opened a business called Nuts For Nuts Inc. What we do is sell nuts and products containging nuts (e.g. chocolates, cookies, coffees, spreads, etc.). Our products are sold seperately or in packages ranging from $10 and up. For more info send me an email at nforn@rogers.com

          1. there is a health food/bulk store in kensington market, i think its called sugar and spice. Anyways, it has the best cashews I have ever tasted, and i am a cashew addict!

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              the place is actually called tutti fruiti a few doors down from sugar and spice, my mistake :P