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Nov 10, 2005 09:05 PM

Best Place for Peking Duck?

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Suggestions welcomed.

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  1. Lai Wah Heen (on Chestnut at University/Dundas).
    ---served in 2 courses: 1) with crepe and garnishes, 2) your choice of duck meat in pastry or stir-fried duck meat with lettuce wrap
    ---amazing; the freshest crepes I ever had as they cook them table-side as you eat them. They tend to give 2 to 3 crepes per plate. Then won't cook the next until you're ready for the next plate.
    ---need to order 24 hours in advance

    Peak Top Restaurant at First Markham Place (Woodbine/7)
    ---although they do serve Peking duck, I never actually had it there. However, if their roasted duck is a precursor, then I say go for it. Wonderfully tasty. The skin is just infused with a rich smokey flavoring.

    1. If you're looking for "best" as in "quality", then I have no idea. However, if you're looking for "best" as in "most amount of corny fun while eating Peking Duck" I like Champion on Dundas. I don't know why, but I get a kick out of the gong they use to announce the arrival of the duck to your table. :)

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        Regarding Champion, I don't believe it's around any longer. It's too bad because it always got raves when it came to Peking Duck.

      2. Peking Man on Sheppard just east of Leslie on the North side (North York Ikea neighbourhood). It's on the second floor of a medical building. Big red awning with yellow letters. Haven't been there in a while but everything I've had there has been excellent and the Peking Duck in particular is stupendous (done in courses with the duck carved at you table, crisp skin, warm pancakes, fresh green onion brush, hoisin sauce... yum).

        1. If you don't read the Globe and Mail you will have missed Jan Wong's 10 best Chinese restaurants. Her article in today's paper picks Sam Woo Seafood at 325 Bamburgh Circle in Scarboro for Peking Duck at $30.

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            Don't know how long the link will be active: