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Nov 3, 2005 02:52 PM

Opinions on Little Tibet on Queen W

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Thanks for all the suggestions on the Ethiopian restaurant posted earlier this week; will mark down to try them in the coming weeks. Can anyone give me their opinion on food quality and price range for Little Tibet?

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  1. never quite made it when i lived in the area, but for what it's worth, i've got a tibetan friend who says it's quite authentic.

    1. Both the meat and vegetable momos (dumplings) I've had there have been pretty good. It does seem odd they come with a tomato/cilantro garnish not far removed from some versions of pico de gallo I've had (not a complaint - it makes a nice accompaniment). Prices are pretty reasonable, around $8-12 for most mains if memory serves.

      1. Little Tibet is a decent little joint, as said below, their price range is reasonable, but not dirt cheap and I did enjoy their Momos and their steamed buns that looked like roses. I actually liked their warm curried potato salad dish.

        1. Went to Little Tibet this evening. Good company, service was amiable enough, but was a little disappointed with the food - many of the dishes were a little too simple for what I had expected. Good things that I'd order again would be the lamb curry and spinach & tofu. Momos were good but not impressive. Nothing special: mushroom and zucchini dish and the bean thread (like a vermicelli) dish. Stay away from the ginger tea - tasted like hot water with just a hint of ginger.

          1. Ordered butter tea ($2.95) and fried vegetable momos ($10.50) this evening at Little Tibet. The service was great, but I have to admit the momos weren't interesting or tasty as I hoped. They were blander than I expected, but maybe that's authentic Tibetan style? The fried exterior was pleasant but the filling wasn't exciting. Maybe I should have tried the meat-filled momos? Surprisingly, momos are served with a Canadian-style side salad (cucumber, tomato, spinach, red onion, etc.) I'm not crazy about cilantro, so didn't use much of the tomato-cilantro salsa, but it didn't seem to add much to the equation. Butter tea was really salty and naturally very rich. I am not sure I would go back, but I'd be willing to give the meat momos a chance if someone can assure me they are really flavourful.