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Opinions on Little Tibet on Queen W

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Thanks for all the suggestions on the Ethiopian restaurant posted earlier this week; will mark down to try them in the coming weeks. Can anyone give me their opinion on food quality and price range for Little Tibet?

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  1. never quite made it when i lived in the area, but for what it's worth, i've got a tibetan friend who says it's quite authentic.

    1. Both the meat and vegetable momos (dumplings) I've had there have been pretty good. It does seem odd they come with a tomato/cilantro garnish not far removed from some versions of pico de gallo I've had (not a complaint - it makes a nice accompaniment). Prices are pretty reasonable, around $8-12 for most mains if memory serves.

      1. Little Tibet is a decent little joint, as said below, their price range is reasonable, but not dirt cheap and I did enjoy their Momos and their steamed buns that looked like roses. I actually liked their warm curried potato salad dish.

        1. Went to Little Tibet this evening. Good company, service was amiable enough, but was a little disappointed with the food - many of the dishes were a little too simple for what I had expected. Good things that I'd order again would be the lamb curry and spinach & tofu. Momos were good but not impressive. Nothing special: mushroom and zucchini dish and the bean thread (like a vermicelli) dish. Stay away from the ginger tea - tasted like hot water with just a hint of ginger.

          1. Ordered butter tea ($2.95) and fried vegetable momos ($10.50) this evening at Little Tibet. The service was great, but I have to admit the momos weren't interesting or tasty as I hoped. They were blander than I expected, but maybe that's authentic Tibetan style? The fried exterior was pleasant but the filling wasn't exciting. Maybe I should have tried the meat-filled momos? Surprisingly, momos are served with a Canadian-style side salad (cucumber, tomato, spinach, red onion, etc.) I'm not crazy about cilantro, so didn't use much of the tomato-cilantro salsa, but it didn't seem to add much to the equation. Butter tea was really salty and naturally very rich. I am not sure I would go back, but I'd be willing to give the meat momos a chance if someone can assure me they are really flavourful.

            1. That is authentic Tibetan style. "Bland inland Chinese meets even blander Indian" -- as one reviewer put it.

              The meat momos are much better. However, "flavourful" is, perhaps, a little too much to say for them. I love them mostly because of their texture (I'm a bit of a texture person though).

              The only thing on their menu that will knock your socks off is the noodle soup made with torn momo wrappers. Rich beefy broth, nice vegetables, lovely 'noodles' -- great winter comfort food. I would go back for this alone. In fact, about the only things I ever order now are the meat momo and the soup -- nothing else is worth it IMHO.

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                I just think the food could be a good deal better if they simply salted things more aggressively (no need to add spicing outside their cultural norm to give it pizazz), although their rose-shaped buns are of very good texture.

              2. I am no expert on Tibetan food.
                Is it chow-worthy, not in my opinion.
                Nothing stood out and the lamb was just O.K.
                Portions are large, and service very friendly.
                My SO asked for a fork, as he found it too messy.
                His reaction was "interesting experience".

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                  When I went last night, they had fork and spoon already on the table along with chopsticks. I'll have to try that noodle soup next time, along with the meat momos, if I go back!

                2. Tibet has very little resources (not many herbs, etc), and most Tibetans are Buddhists. So, therefore, the food has alot of restrictions on it, hard to expand. It is suppose to be rather bland and simple.