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Nov 2, 2005 05:17 PM

Foxes Den on Bay St.

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I'm organizing a Theology on Tap event on Nov. 23 evening at the Foxes Den. Since I will be providing food to the participants, I want to order the best of their menu. What do you recommend? e.g. are the wings, appetizers, etc. any good? Thanks in advance.

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  1. where abouts is it on bay street? near adelaide?

    1. This pub is located on Bay St., between Wellesley and Bloor.

      I had an absolutely horrendous experience there several years ago, experiencing the worst service of my life. The place less than half full, and we were nothing but courteous and polite. I shudder when I think about it.

      I didn't patronize the establishment for years, but have been back within the last year, and I do believe they serve some decent pub food. I've had a burger there, and I believe the nachos, and both were quite good. Nothing else really comes to mind, though I have an inkling that the wings were good there also.

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        I realize that this thread is old but I would like to update you on this restaurant. I have worked in many restaurants in this city, and oddly enough The Foxes Den is the best place I have found. The daily specials are incredible value. A fresh croissant (baked every morning by Chef Lee) topped with the choice of the say, served with home-made soup for 6$. It's light but filling, and everything is fresh. Home made pizzas are $7 and a daily pasta offering goes for $9.
        And you were right, the wings are good.
        It's not a fancy place, but it scores well for a pub.
        and just FYI, I don't work there anymore so I'm not plugging for more customers or tips. I believe that it's a great little spot to grab a beer and a bite after work.
        If you're concerned about service, ask for Margo, I have never seen a server or manager so eager to satisfy a customer.

        1. re: ruckusrachie

          I love the Foxes Den. It has become our favorite after work hang out place. I have always found all of the food to be good. The menu is typical pub food, which is excalty what I want when I go to a pub =)
          It is a great place to sit at the bar and have a few drinks. The regulars will talk to everyone so you never have to feel lonely there.

          Good food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices, who could ask for anything more!

      2. Occasionally my wife will go to church across the street and if I get dragged along, I always go there and wait for her.
        I really like the place. It's usually empty on a late Sunday afternoon but then just around dinner time in the summer, the cottage crowd starts to roll in. Back from up north and needing sustanance.
        The food is quite good considering it's a "Pub". I much prefer the "B&G" style bar fare.
        Very friendly staff.