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Nov 2, 2005 10:57 AM

Best Butter Tarts for Northern Visitor

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Where are the best butter tarts in Toronto? I'm visiting next week, and I gotta get me some!

Also, are there any good bakeries on Bloor St. West, in the Keele-Runnymede-Jane stretch? (And is Anna's Bakery still there?)


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  1. I discovered magnificent butter tarts on Wilson Ave at Bathurst. It's a funny, unassuming little bakery called the Cake Boutique. I tried one last week and was amazed. I brought a dozen home last night,didn't say a word and when my partener bit into one, he claimed the were the best tarts he had ever tasted.

    1. I LOVE the butter tarts at Le Gourmand (Spadina south of Queen). They are very rich, perfect syrupiness, lovely pastry. They don't make them all of the time, but even if you go in and they don't have them, everything else they do is just as lovely so you really can't walk out disappointed.

      1. Best butter tarts I had was from a simple bakery in Cloverdale Mall called Hot Oven. They have lots of fantastic homemade treats.
        Cloverdale is in Etobicoke, off Hwy 427 off East Mall between Dundas and Bloor.

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          I'm glad to see someone else shares my opinion. I'm a bit biased though, since it used to be my families bakery! But i would highly suggest their butter tarts, empire cookies, and turkey pot pies! It's worth it to drive in Etobicoke!
          As for the bloor-keele/jane stretch i would say the sweet gallery and bread and roses!

          1. re: Becca

            Becca, my cousin comes all the way from Florida for the HotOven Butter Tarts! Well she comes to visit us but we always make sure we have some for her arrival and she takes them back to FLA when she leaves. She just emailed me this week that she is craving them ;)

            I also agree with the potpies...I buy the mini-ones and take them for lunch