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Starwalk Buffet?

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Has anyone been to this? Suitable for a group?
What is it like compared to the Mandarin.
Many thanks!

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  1. If you were to go to a buffet, I would say this is one of the better choices... it's not that great quality, but definitly better than Mandarin. Good selection of hot food.

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      i haven't been to mandarin in ages, but overall as a buffet it's one of the better asian ones i've been to. there's a great variety of options that i haven't seen at a buffet before and the quality isn't awesome, but that's generally true of any buffet.

    2. I would go to Starwalk. I have been there for lunch on the weekends and the dim sum selection is pretty good compared to others. I went there for dinner once during the week and was surprised with a couple of the items they had available: big stuffed crab claws and baked oysters!! The service is friendly and fast.

      1. It's good as far as buffets go - I have been a few times for lunch, but really I cant think of anything there that gives many any urge to go back.. if they had even 1 or 2 really well prepared dishes I would certainly visit more often

        1. I went to Starwalk for dinner maybe 2 weeks ago. The quality of the food is ok, typical of the stuff you'd find at buffets. There's a lot of selection, and they have "specialty" items like steamed or baked oysters which you have to line up for and run out as soon as they bring them out.

          Good for a group as they have a lot of big tables. There's also a discount of children and seniors.

          A negative comment would be about the crowd, a lot of parents let their kids run around in the buffet area and I've had food knocked out of my plate and have also witnessed little kids sticking their hands into the food and having a taste. The adults are not a lot better, a lot of shoving and pushing to get food, very rude indeed.

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            its safe to say the rudeness,etc comes fromthe clientel. I have had first hand experience

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              Snatching an oyster is like one terrible battle-royale... the key is to be stealthy and blend into the crowd/lines.

          2. "Suitable for a group?
            What is it like compared to the Mandarin."

            yes- Starwalk is suitable for groups. They also have rooms for parties.

            Starwalk probably has more variety than Mandarin.

            Starwalk is usually busy and crowded on weekends. If possible- go on a weekday. Or go early- like 11 am.

            The food is alright-decent. Used to be better when they first opened. Buffet is not the greatest place to eat Chinese food and you're better off going to a regular restaurant with menus.

            1. was there last night. okay. check out overbattered shrimp tempura. our vote is that china buffet king (one location is on metrpolitan in the howard johnson; warden/401) is better than star walk - better sushi, better desserts, better peking duck.

              1. Happened to find myself in the vicinity yesterday with a hankering forsome Chinese food. I must say I thought the food was very average bordering on bad.

                A couple of the dim sum dished were OK.

                The sushi was terrible, and most of the steam dish Chinese was unappetising to look at and didnt taste any better.

                A big thumbs down from me. I would never EVER go back.

                You know u are in trouble when the best thing on the menu is the mint-choco-chip ice cream.

                1. omg.. I think I agree with most of the opinions here...

                  Ok, first time I went there was on business during lunch time and I didn't have much time to enjoy so, at that time I thought it was ok. Then, I went back there the second time by myself for lunch at the Misissauga location and I thought it was great and worth the price. Then, about a week go, I decided to take my friends there (to the Silver Star, across Pacific Mall location) for the dinner and we were all so dissapointed.

                  About the food, yes, there is a huge variety. For Lunch, there were Japanese (sushi kind of thing no sashimi though). There were Dim Sum including Siu Mai and Ha Kao, BBQ pork buns, pork ribs. About 4-5 different kind of soups, BBQ stuff i.e. pork, chicken, duck. For desserts, there were cakes, about 10 different flavours of ice-cream and jello and mango pudding.

                  Having had quite an enjoyable lunch I actually expected the dinner to be exciting but it was not really. For the dinner at the Silver Star location, it is interesting that I didn't see much of Dim Sum. But mostly, it was the lunch stuff + sashimi, and those chilled crab legs, shrimps. There were also some huge steam fish in black bean sauce which were all gone within 10 minutes with only about no more than 20 customers and remained empty for the next 45 minutes (imagine the trays with just the fish bones, I actually thought it was funny). There were also roast beef which I only took one bite. Nothing exciting and even disappointed about the food for the dinner time but the price is almost double :(

                  Yes, there were families with little kids who were smiling at the sight of the prawn crackers and ice-creams.

                  I think they are great for groups because they have a divided party room that I think would fit around 20-30 people. Plus, basically their seating area is in one big hall so I would think that they can accommodate any size of party.

                  All in all, I would recommend you go to the Missisauga location during lunch but not the silver star location during dinner.

                  BTW, you should check out the newly renovated AYCE place. I forgot the name but it's in that building with the Japanese Bookstore (very near to the 401 on Steeles). Its new name is "Thee Asian Kitchen." A very nice renovation with red coloured booths. We went there by accident and would have tried it only if we didn't go there a day too early but the manager was still so nice to open the door for us and tell us to come back tomorrow when they will be open for the first day :)

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                    Do you mean Three Asian Kitchen to be on Steeles and east of the 404? In the same area as J-town? It used to be called Buffet City?

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                      no it, really, is called "Thee Asian Kitchen" as someone mentioned. And yes, as you guys have figured it, it really is the old Buffet City right on Steeles (sorry, about the location mistake) Neighborguy have got it right.

                      I've just read from the other forum and they said that the owners are the same people as the Japanese AYCE on Woodbine called Syogun which I happened to have been there once and I thought that place was good for AYCE but too far for me and haven't been back.

                  2. Neighbour Guy,

                    Its called Thee Asian Kitchen. Thee as in "your asian kitchen".

                    Dictionary: Thou is the old second person singular pronoun of the English language. Thou is the nominative case; the oblique/objective (functioning as both accusative and dative) is thee, and the genitive is thy or thine.

                    BTW, the food is pretty good for AYCE.


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                      I cannot find "Thee Asian Kitchen" on yellowpages.ca and Buffet City (on Steeles near Woodbine and 404) is still there. What is the exact location? Steeles and 401 don't meet.

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                        It's right beside the J-Town stores -- on Steeles between Woodbine and Vic Park.

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                            So it looks like it's where Buffet City used to be, if it's right in front on Steeles.

                      2. indeed it is where Buffet City used to be. Same owners, different chefs, same wait-staff I believe.

                        I guess I'll wait for some reviews to come in before I dare venture back into that place for a meal.