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Nov 1, 2005 01:06 PM

Starwalk Buffet?

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Has anyone been to this? Suitable for a group?
What is it like compared to the Mandarin.
Many thanks!

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  1. If you were to go to a buffet, I would say this is one of the better choices... it's not that great quality, but definitly better than Mandarin. Good selection of hot food.

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      i haven't been to mandarin in ages, but overall as a buffet it's one of the better asian ones i've been to. there's a great variety of options that i haven't seen at a buffet before and the quality isn't awesome, but that's generally true of any buffet.

    2. I would go to Starwalk. I have been there for lunch on the weekends and the dim sum selection is pretty good compared to others. I went there for dinner once during the week and was surprised with a couple of the items they had available: big stuffed crab claws and baked oysters!! The service is friendly and fast.

      1. It's good as far as buffets go - I have been a few times for lunch, but really I cant think of anything there that gives many any urge to go back.. if they had even 1 or 2 really well prepared dishes I would certainly visit more often

        1. I went to Starwalk for dinner maybe 2 weeks ago. The quality of the food is ok, typical of the stuff you'd find at buffets. There's a lot of selection, and they have "specialty" items like steamed or baked oysters which you have to line up for and run out as soon as they bring them out.

          Good for a group as they have a lot of big tables. There's also a discount of children and seniors.

          A negative comment would be about the crowd, a lot of parents let their kids run around in the buffet area and I've had food knocked out of my plate and have also witnessed little kids sticking their hands into the food and having a taste. The adults are not a lot better, a lot of shoving and pushing to get food, very rude indeed.

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            its safe to say the rudeness,etc comes fromthe clientel. I have had first hand experience

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              Snatching an oyster is like one terrible battle-royale... the key is to be stealthy and blend into the crowd/lines.

          2. "Suitable for a group?
            What is it like compared to the Mandarin."

            yes- Starwalk is suitable for groups. They also have rooms for parties.

            Starwalk probably has more variety than Mandarin.

            Starwalk is usually busy and crowded on weekends. If possible- go on a weekday. Or go early- like 11 am.

            The food is alright-decent. Used to be better when they first opened. Buffet is not the greatest place to eat Chinese food and you're better off going to a regular restaurant with menus.